Alabama, USA


Tree: My Genealogy

Latitude: 32.6083, Longitude: -85.3417


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 A., J.  Abt 1876Alabama, USA I9950 My Genealogy 
2 A., Martha  Feb 1871Alabama, USA I8630 My Genealogy 
3 Adams, Martha L.  Between 1841 and 1842Alabama, USA I9377 My Genealogy 
4 Allen, Claudia Adelaide  Between 1876 and 1878Alabama, USA I8656 My Genealogy 
5 Armstrong, Marvin Franklin  20 Jan 1903Alabama, USA I9802 My Genealogy 
6 Bagwell, Allye Lee  2 Feb 1887Alabama, USA I8921 My Genealogy 
7 Baker, Thomas  Abt 1896Alabama, USA I9805 My Genealogy 
8 Barnett, Angeline  Abt 1866Alabama, USA I8681 My Genealogy 
9 Barnett, Arthur  4 Feb 1904Alabama, USA I9813 My Genealogy 
10 Barnett, Bessie  Sep 1885Alabama, USA I9822 My Genealogy 
11 Barnett, James  Abt 1860Alabama, USA I8705 My Genealogy 
12 Barnett, Katie  Abt 1902Alabama, USA I9814 My Genealogy 
13 Barnett, Laura  Abt May 1870Alabama, USA I8672 My Genealogy 
14 Barnett, Lessie  Apr 1900Alabama, USA I9815 My Genealogy 
15 Barnett, Rochelle  14 Jan 1906Alabama, USA I9811 My Genealogy 
16 Barnett, Timothy Asbery  15 Nov 1897Alabama, USA I9816 My Genealogy 
17 Barnett, Wiley Otis  Sep 1895Alabama, USA I9820 My Genealogy 
18 Barnett, William Burton  May 1855Alabama, USA I9823 My Genealogy 
19 Barnett, William T.  Mar 1892Alabama, USA I9821 My Genealogy 
20 Barret, Susan  Between 1831 and 1832Alabama, USA I8714 My Genealogy 
21 Barrett, Albert H.  9 Jul 1912Alabama, USA I8743 My Genealogy 
22 Barrett, Alexander Coleman  Abt 1868Alabama, USA I8680 My Genealogy 
23 Barrett, Bernice  Between 1904 and 1905Alabama, USA I8683 My Genealogy 
24 Barrett, Cornelia Alabama  Abt 1861Alabama, USA I8755 My Genealogy 
25 Barrett, Dewey  14 Apr 1899Alabama, USA I8676 My Genealogy 
26 Barrett, Dollie M.  Between 1889 and 1899Alabama, USA I8702 My Genealogy 
27 Barrett, Emma H.  Between 1891 and 1899Alabama, USA I8701 My Genealogy 
28 Barrett, Eugenia Virginia  Abt 1868Alabama, USA I8752 My Genealogy 
29 Barrett, F. A.  Abt Jun 1870Alabama, USA I8751 My Genealogy 
30 Barrett, Francis M.  Between 1834 and 1835Alabama, USA I8708 My Genealogy 
31 Barrett, George  Abt 1866Alabama, USA I8753 My Genealogy 
32 Barrett, Gideon Lincecum  Between 1835 and 1836Alabama, USA I8707 My Genealogy 
33 Barrett, Golda Mae  1 Nov 1905Alabama, USA I8675 My Genealogy 
34 Barrett, Green Berry  Abt 1826Alabama, USA I8759 My Genealogy 
35 Barrett, James C.  Between 1906 and 1907Alabama, USA I8655 My Genealogy 
36 Barrett, James Wesley  24 May 1899Alabama, USA I8690 My Genealogy 
37 Barrett, Lee  Abt 1906Alabama, USA I8747 My Genealogy 
38 Barrett, Lillian Esther  Between 1901 and 1903Alabama, USA I8687 My Genealogy 
39 Barrett, Lurlie  Dec 1891Alabama, USA I8678 My Genealogy 
40 Barrett, M.  Feb 1896Alabama, USA I8677 My Genealogy 
41 Barrett, Mary Sue  Between 1892 and 1916Alabama, USA I8696 My Genealogy 
42 Barrett, Mildred  Between 1908 and 1909Alabama, USA I8682 My Genealogy 
43 Barrett, Robert L.  Abt Nov 1909Alabama, USA I8650 My Genealogy 
44 Barrett, Robert Mims  Abt 1862Alabama, USA I8699 My Genealogy 
45 Barrett, Samuel Green  Abt 1864Alabama, USA I8754 My Genealogy 
46 Barrett, Walter C.  Abt 1904Alabama, USA I8748 My Genealogy 
47 Barrett, William Early  Between 1885 and 1894Alabama, USA I8703 My Genealogy 
48 Barrett, William R.  Between 1840 and 1842Alabama, USA I8624 My Genealogy 
49 Barrett, Zada  Between 1886 and 1894Alabama, USA I8697 My Genealogy 
50 Beck, Rosa Maye  Abt 1903Alabama, USA I8931 My Genealogy 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Berry / Tabor  Abt 1817Alabama, USA F3268 My Genealogy 
2 Berry / Tabor  27 Jan 1819Alabama, USA F3056 My Genealogy 
3 Daniel / Berry  1818Alabama, USA F3182 My Genealogy 
4 Kelley / Berry  1912Alabama, USA F3502 My Genealogy