Mississippi, USA


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Latitude: 32.6083, Longitude: -89.1

Tree: Lincecum One-Name Study Project

Latitude: 32.6083, Longitude: -89.1


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Austin, Mary Laura  Between 1869 and 1875Mississippi, USA I7022 My Genealogy 
2 Autrey, Anna Bell  15 Jun 1907Mississippi, USA I7505 My Genealogy 
3 Berry, Albert Sidney  Between 1864 and 1867Mississippi, USA I8565 My Genealogy 
4 Berry, Bessie O.  Jan 1892Mississippi, USA I9206 My Genealogy 
5 Berry, Cary  Abt 1835Mississippi, USA I9203 My Genealogy 
6 Berry, Columbus  Between 1839 and 1842Mississippi, USA I8191 My Genealogy 
7 Berry, Cornelia A.  Between 1857 and 1858Mississippi, USA I9212 My Genealogy 
8 Berry, Emily E.  Between 1865 and 1866Mississippi, USA I9210 My Genealogy 
9 Berry, Epluribus  Abt 1844Mississippi, USA I9270 My Genealogy 
10 Berry, James  Abt 1846Mississippi, USA I9269 My Genealogy 
11 Berry, Lula Madison  28 Mar 1869Mississippi, USA I8559 My Genealogy 
12 Berry, Malinda  Between 1840 and 1842Mississippi, USA I9200 My Genealogy 
13 Berry, Mary  Abt 1837Mississippi, USA I9202 My Genealogy 
14 Berry, Maudie E.  Nov 1890Mississippi, USA I9207 My Genealogy 
15 Berry, Nancy Elizabeth  Feb 1852Mississippi, USA I9268 My Genealogy 
16 Berry, Nancy Jane  Between 1842 and 1844Mississippi, USA I8186 My Genealogy 
17 Berry, Nora  1858Mississippi, USA I8568 My Genealogy 
18 Berry, Olin W.  Jan 1896Mississippi, USA I9205 My Genealogy 
19 Berry, Pernecia P.  Abt 1843Mississippi, USA I9272 My Genealogy 
20 Berry, Richard  Abt 1838Mississippi, USA I9201 My Genealogy 
21 Berry, Ruella B.  28 May 1862Mississippi, USA I8567 My Genealogy 
22 Berry, Sallie Minia  Between 29 Apr 1867 and 1868Mississippi, USA I8561 My Genealogy 
23 Berry, Sarah H.  1862Mississippi, USA I9211 My Genealogy 
24 Berry, Serena  Abt 1840Mississippi, USA I8189 My Genealogy 
25 Berry, Thomas L.  Between 1868 and 1869Mississippi, USA I9209 My Genealogy 
26 Berry, William Joseph  1839Mississippi, USA I9274 My Genealogy 
27 Billingsley, Virginia Sarina Anne  Between 1876 and 1877Mississippi, USA I8428 My Genealogy 
28 Bowie, Margaret Lowndes  Abt 1904Mississippi, USA I5784 My Genealogy 
29 Brown, Sabra Elizabeth  7 May 1896Mississippi, USA I7758 My Genealogy 
30 Cole, Lelia  Abt 1867Mississippi, USA I6941 My Genealogy 
31 Comerford, Mary L.  Abt 1837Mississippi, USA I8758 My Genealogy 
32 Cook, John Calvin  Mississippi, USA I339 Lincecum One-Name Study Project 
33 Florena  Abt 1832Mississippi, USA I7030 My Genealogy 
34 Gordon, Florence Ellen  Between 1873 and 1874Mississippi, USA I8063 My Genealogy 
35 Hardy, Joseph Collins  31 Mar 1861Mississippi, USA I8783 My Genealogy 
36 Hawthorn, William Jr.  Abt 1812Mississippi, USA I7193 My Genealogy 
37 Hilliard, Jimmie Blanch  22 Jan 1874Mississippi, USA I7127 My Genealogy 
38 Huckaby, Gaius Lincecum  Abt Feb 1851Mississippi, USA I7009 My Genealogy 
39 Huckaby, Marcella Jackson  8 Dec 1853Mississippi, USA I6977 My Genealogy 
40 James, Coleman G.  Abt 1827Mississippi, USA I7062 My Genealogy 
41 Lauderdale, Sarah Virginia  Between 1828 and 1831Mississippi, USA I8083 My Genealogy 
42 Lincecum, Bartley C.  Between 1824 and 1830Mississippi, USA I7031 My Genealogy 
43 Lincecum, Cassandra  Between 1832 and 1836Mississippi, USA I7648 My Genealogy 
44 Lincecum, Cassandra  Between 1850 and 1851Mississippi, USA I8080 My Genealogy 
45 Lincecum, Cassianus  1839Mississippi, USA I8094 My Genealogy 
46 Lincecum, Ducianna Amanda  Between 1832 and 1840Mississippi, USA I6943 My Genealogy 
47 Lincecum, Grabel Eplurebus  Abt 1836Mississippi, USA I6939 My Genealogy 
48 Lincecum, Harmon R.  Between 1822 and 1824Mississippi, USA I7312 My Genealogy 
49 Lincecum, Lascasas  Between 1845 and 1846Mississippi, USA I8091 My Genealogy 
50 Lincecum, Leander  Between 1845 and 1846Mississippi, USA I8090 My Genealogy 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Kelley, Linson  1900Mississippi, USA I9378 My Genealogy 
2 Lincecum, Ducianna Amanda  1920Mississippi, USA I6943 My Genealogy 
3 Lincecum, Lysander M.  1832Mississippi, USA I8086 My Genealogy 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Berry / Barnes  8 Feb 1848Mississippi, USA F3055 My Genealogy 
2 Lincecum / Martha  Abt 1839Mississippi, USA F2857 My Genealogy