Georgia, USA


Tree: My Genealogy

State/Province : Latitude: 32.7583, Longitude: -82.5583


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
51 Brown, John M.  Georgia, USA I7764 My Genealogy 
52 Brown, Joseph H.  Between 1884 and 1887Georgia, USA I3705 My Genealogy 
53 Brown, Lavena Cinderella  27 May 1850Georgia, USA I1092 My Genealogy 
54 Brown, Lina  Abt 1877Georgia, USA I3476 My Genealogy 
55 Brown, Louisa  Abt 1859Georgia, USA I1113 My Genealogy 
56 Brown, Martha Jane  1842Georgia, USA I3828 My Genealogy 
57 Brown, Mary Ann  17 May 1834Georgia, USA I1112 My Genealogy 
58 Brown, Mary Frances  Between 1843 and 1844Georgia, USA I3759 My Genealogy 
59 Brown, May A.  Abt 1855Georgia, USA I1116 My Genealogy 
60 Brown, Mollie  Between 1889 and 1890Georgia, USA I3656 My Genealogy 
61 Brown, Pete Fair  Between 1895 and 1902Georgia, USA I3596 My Genealogy 
62 Brown, Reba  22 Sep 1898Georgia, USA I3570 My Genealogy 
63 Brown, Robert  1 Jul 1842Georgia, USA I1102 My Genealogy 
64 Brown, Sara Evelyn  Between 1848 and 1852Georgia, USA I3969 My Genealogy 
65 Brown, Sarah Ann  28 Jun 1839Georgia, USA I1105 My Genealogy 
66 Brown, Sarah F.  Abt 1857Georgia, USA I1114 My Genealogy 
67 Brown, Sintha  2 Jan 1844Georgia, USA I1100 My Genealogy 
68 Brown, Thomas Jefferson  1857Georgia, USA I3732 My Genealogy 
69 Brown, Vinson David  18 Oct 1920Georgia, USA I3618 My Genealogy 
70 Brown, William  Georgia, USA I3473 My Genealogy 
71 Brown, William C.  Between 1813 and 1814Georgia, USA I3475 My Genealogy 
72 Brown, William E.  Between 1859 and 1860Georgia, USA I3719 My Genealogy 
73 Brown, William M.  Abt 1856Georgia, USA I1115 My Genealogy 
74 Brown, Williamson  19 Aug 1837Georgia, USA I1107 My Genealogy 
75 Brown, Willie W.  Between 1893 and 1895Georgia, USA I3637 My Genealogy 
76 Bryan, Sarah  Between 1794 and 1799Georgia, USA I8142 My Genealogy 
77 Cannington, Lephvicia  19 Jul 1826Georgia, USA I806 My Genealogy 
78 Daniel, Georgia Virginia  Between 1857 and 1858Georgia, USA I9005 My Genealogy 
79 Daniel, Mary M.  1867Georgia, USA I8946 My Genealogy 
80 Daniel, Zachariah Lincecum  Between 1830 and 1831Georgia, USA I8940 My Genealogy 
81 Frazier, Vindinissie Josephine  Between 1860 and 1862Georgia, USA I3825 My Genealogy 
82 Fryer, Susan Elizabeth Edenfield  Abt 1873Georgia, USA I3990 My Genealogy 
83 Garner, Wiley F.  Between 1836 and 1839Georgia, USA I3758 My Genealogy 
84 Gladdin, Nola B.  Abt 1890Georgia, USA I3823 My Genealogy 
85 Hammock, Sara  24 May 1911Georgia, USA I2530 My Genealogy 
86 Hammock, Scynthia A.  27 May 1854Georgia, USA I2533 My Genealogy 
87 Haynes, James P.  Between 1797 and 1798Georgia, USA I10320 My Genealogy 
88 Heych, Nancy  Between 1793 and 1798Georgia, USA I7601 My Genealogy 
89 Hooks, Lula Belle  Abt 1900Georgia, USA I2931 My Genealogy 
90 J, Nancy  Abt 1839Georgia, USA I1117 My Genealogy 
91 Johnson, Willie Frank  7 May 1883Georgia, USA I3485 My Genealogy 
92 Lewis, Willie Lee  13 Apr 1872Georgia, USA I3820 My Genealogy 
93 Lincecum, Emily  1813Georgia, USA I6936 My Genealogy 
94 Lincecum, Gideon II  22 Apr 1793Georgia, USA I8143 My Genealogy 
95 Lincecum, Grabel  1806Georgia, USA I7033 My Genealogy 
96 Lincecum, Harmon B.  Abt 1808Georgia, USA I10024 My Genealogy 
97 Lincecum, Mary  Between 1804 and 1810Georgia, USA I7035 My Genealogy 
98 Lindsey, Ben W.  Abt 1867Georgia, USA I3477 My Genealogy 
99 Logue, Alton Leytha  29 Nov 1907Georgia, USA I3993 My Genealogy 
100 Logue, Angerline  Abt 1872Georgia, USA I3903 My Genealogy 

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