Georgia, USA


Tree: My Genealogy

State/Province : Latitude: 32.7583, Longitude: -82.5583


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
151 Mims, William R.  Abt 1845Georgia, USA I1079 My Genealogy 
152 Minnie  Abt 1890Georgia, USA I3822 My Genealogy 
153 O'Banion, Elizabeth  20 Nov 1829Georgia, USA I7826 My Genealogy 
154 Oliphant, Mary Emma  Between 1860 and 1862Georgia, USA I7831 My Genealogy 
155 Peavy, Albert  10 Feb 1922Georgia, USA I3404 My Genealogy 
156 Peavy, Charles Drury III  2 Feb 1911Georgia, USA I2233 My Genealogy 
157 Peavy, Elberta  25 Mar 1912Georgia, USA I2615 My Genealogy 
158 Rice, Georgia Ann  Abt 1810Georgia, USA I1086 My Genealogy 
159 Ross, Julian H.  Between 1907 and 1908Georgia, USA I3802 My Genealogy 
160 Ross, Luther C.  23 Apr 1883Georgia, USA I3803 My Genealogy 
161 Simmerson, Asa  Between 1797 and 1800Georgia, USA I3832 My Genealogy 
162 Smith, Gussie J.  Abt 1883Georgia, USA I1041 My Genealogy 
163 Tamplin, Robert F.  Abt 1831Georgia, USA I10315 My Genealogy 
164 Thigpen, Elizabeth  Between 1823 and 1826Georgia, USA I3474 My Genealogy 
165 Tippah, Almeda  Abt 1815Georgia, USA I8149 My Genealogy 
166 Vinson, John William  26 Jul 1882Georgia, USA I2305 My Genealogy 
167 Vinson, John William Jr.  21 Aug 1914Georgia, USA I2301 My Genealogy 
168 Wells, Marcia E.  Abt 1875Georgia, USA I7881 My Genealogy 
169 West, Charles Allen  Aug 1879Georgia, USA I3086 My Genealogy 
170 Whatley, Sarah  Abt 1790Georgia, USA I9176 My Genealogy 
171 Williams, Willie Ruel  Abt 1907Georgia, USA I2614 My Genealogy 
172 Wilmoth  Between 1805 and 1810Georgia, USA I7032 My Genealogy 
173 Womble, Elisha Lee  Between 1832 and 1833Georgia, USA I3827 My Genealogy 
174 Womble, Jessie Eolian  Between 1886 and 1887Georgia, USA I3816 My Genealogy 
175 Womble, Martha Ann Elizabeth  20 May 1861Georgia, USA I3768 My Genealogy 
176 Wrigley, Fodyce J.  Abt Oct 1887Georgia, USA I1034 My Genealogy 
177 Wrigley, James F.  Abt Oct 1865Georgia, USA I1035 My Genealogy 
178 Yates, Bertha M.  1913Georgia, USA I3692 My Genealogy 
179 Yates, Milton  9 Sep 1911Georgia, USA I3694 My Genealogy 
180 Yates, Morris Leonard Jr.  23 Sep 1919Georgia, USA I3680 My Genealogy 

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