Sarah Bryan

Female 1799 - 1867  (~ 73 years)

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Mary E. Lincecum
Female Abt 1848-
Female 1822-
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Susan A. Seely
Female 1855-1930
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Sarah Childs
Female 1874-1890
Eva Martin
Female Abt 1899-
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Leslie Lincecum
Male Abt 1891-1904
Joseph Shelby Lincecum
Male Abt 1864-1919
Mamie N. Means
Female 1882-1963
Adele Plante
Female Abt 1881-
Nola Bea Barrett
Female 1902-1985
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Lena M. Lincecum
Female Abt 1900-
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Matson Lincecum
Male 1901-1957
Francis Lincecum
Female Abt 1909-
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Sam J. Lincecum
Male Abt 1893-Bef 1910
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Hazel Riley
Female Abt 1909-
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Luke A. Lincecum
Male 1860-1944
Ida A. Bynum
Female 1878-1952
Eunice Lincecum
Female Abt 1893-
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Edith Louise Lincecum
Female Abt 1900-1992
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Naoma Lincecum
Female Abt 1906-
Buena Maye
Female Abt 1907-
Lola Lincecum
Female Abt 1909-
Mary Kate Glen
Female Abt 1873-
Olevia F. Butler
Female Abt 1888-
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Lillie Butler
Female Abt 1902-
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George C. Chapman
Male Abt 1896-1945
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Belle Bigham
Female 1896-1974
Edward P. Kenney
Male 1891-1945
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Lee Hugh Bigham
Male 1883-1930
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Will L. Parker
Male Abt 1892-
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Willa Saulsbury
Female Abt 1887-
John H. Hall
Male Abt 1883-
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daughter Saulsbury
Female Abt 1896-1900
Wiley Saulsberry
Male Abt 1856-Bef 1920
Female Abt 1886-
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A. Joe Dunlap
Male -Bef 1961
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Thomas D. Bigham
Male 1883-1918
Lola D. Bigham
Female 1897-1972
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E. M. McFaddin
Female 1832-1854
Alexander K. Shepard
Male 1847-Bef 1910
Hugh Miles Lewis
Male Abt 1888-1962
Hugh M. Lewis
Male 1850-1890
Sallie Matson
Female Abt 1878-
Female Abt 1861-
Marcia E. Wells
Female Abt 1875-
Emma Matson
Female Abt 1862-
James Vardeman Matson
Male Abt 1824-1895
Lycurgus Lincecum
Male 1854-Bef 1909
Samuel C. Patton
Male Abt 1878-
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Val Lincecum
Male Abt 1892-
Norton Lincecum
Male Abt 1895-
Annie Kent
Female Abt 1877-
Mary E. Lincecum
Female 1858-Bef 1909
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Willie Lincecum
Female Abt 1891-1906
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Marie Lincecum
Female Abt 1898-
Ethel L
Female Abt 1903-
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Virginia Pearl
Female Abt 1911-
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Mary Elizabeth Murray
Female Abt 1873-1949
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Edgar Lincecum
Male 1883-1952
Female Abt 1892-
Ida Lee Weeks
Female 1883-1971
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Roy Lee Shiflett
Male 1887-1957
Orine A.
Female Abt 1900-
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Ella M. Sinclair
Female Abt 1904-
Lydia Ida Norris
Female Abt 1895-1984
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Edna S. Lincecum
Female Abt 1896-
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Kate Lincecum
Female Abt 1898-1981
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Betty Lee Looney
Female 1891-1962
Arthur Meckel
Male 1901-1966
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Malinda Looney
Female Abt 1893-
Lucille Lincecum
Female 1909-1978
Anna Lincecum
Female Abt 1878-Bef 1909
Teresa Lincecum
Female Abt 1879-
Claud Martin
Male Abt 1874-1904
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Barbara Anderson
Female Abt 1920-2009
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Paschal B. Lincicum
Male Abt 1877-1929
Lucille Lincecum
Female 1892-1986
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Ida Lincecum
Female Abt 1861-Bef 1870
Attilia G. Campbell
Female 1852-Abt 1895
George S. Qualls
Male Abt 1842-
Argile Campbell
Male 1855-1899
George Campbell
Male Abt 1855-1916
New chart
John A. Campbell
Male Abt 1857-1901
Sallie Campbell
Female Abt 1859-1929
Male 1849-
Lenora Lincecum
Female 1832-Aft 1895
George W. Campbell
Male Abt 1824-Aft 1862
Sarah Lincecum Durham
Female Abt 1858-1862
Royal Wheeler Durham
Male Aft 1860-1866
Lela Durham
Female 1884-1940
Harry E. Baxter
Male Abt 1868-
New chart
Sidney Johnson Durham
Male Abt 1860-1926
Mary Jean Mackey
Female 1851-1925
Mary Leonora Durham
Female Abt 1854-1862
Walter Arthur Durham
Male 1898-Aft 1929
Mary Lee Durham
Female 1894-1961
New chart
Jennie Durham
Female Abt 1890-
M. Louise Durham
Female Abt 1893-
Prior Durham
Male Abt 1866-Bef 1872
Leila Durham
Female Abt 1868-
Clyde Bryan Doran
Male Abt 1870-1931
Frank Lincecum Doran
Male Abt 1873-1940
William P. Doran
Male 1836-1901
Daisy Lincecum
Female 1865-1958
Mabel Lott
Female 1882-1960
Arnold Lincecum
Male Abt 1901-
Margaret Wood
Female 1846-1909
Sarah Bryan
Female 1799-1867