The Atlanta Constitution (Georgia)
22 July 1897
Digital image viewed online at 8 April 2013.
Transcription by S. Lincecum.


Says the History of the Doctor's Life Has Been Exaggerated.

Mr. Joseph E. Bivins, who married the widow of the late Dr. Marvin, has
furnished the following statement in which he denies many of the allegations
which were made against the former husband of his wife.

Upon the death of Dr. Marvin Mrs. Marvin married Mr. Bivins. Her death
occurred some time ago in Cordele. The card of Mr. Bivins follows:

Cordele, Ga., July 21, 1897. -- Editor Constitution -- My attention has just
been called to an article in yesterday's Constitution with the head lines,
"Marvin's Lost Son Gets a Share."

I have just read the article carefully and it so misstates facts that I
consider it useless to go into details further than to say that the
statement that Dr. Marvin ever served in the penitentiary is false.

"It is also false that the claimant, one Francis G. Marvin, the alleged son
of Dr. Marvin, ever obtained a judgement against his alleged father's
estate. On the contrary, a judgement was rendered last February in the
ordinary's court of this county in my favor, and giving me the entire
estate. But this judgement was appealed to higher courts by the claimant's
lawyers, who were to get 'part of the crop.' In view of the pending appeal
and consequent lengthening out of an already tedious and lengthy litigation,
I agreed to a compromise. I deeded to the claimant four houses in Atlanta
which are assessed at $10,000 on the tax books; and I also consented to a
decree to be taken at the fall term of Dooly superior court carrying into
effect the terms of the compromise. Three of the houses I gave him did not
belong to the Marvin estate at all.

"My attorneys were Judge Allan Fort, Colonel A. H. Cox, Captain J. H. Martin
and Judge U. V. Whipple.

"No man stood higher than Dr. Marvin, and some of the best banks in Atlanta,
where he lived for twenty years, will testify to his business integrity. He
was mayor of Cordele at the time of his death. The treatment accorded his
memory by his alleged son and certain others, does not meet my ideas of

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