A Fiendish Murder -- Toying With His Victim as a Ca[t] With a Mouse.

CHATTANOOGA, April 30. -- A dispatch from the government works at Muscle
Shoals, on the Tennessee river, Florence, Alabama, gives the following
details of the lynching on Saturday of George Ware, colored, who
murdered a white boy aged twelve, to secure twelve dollars, which had
just been paid to the boy. After robbing his victim he threw the lad
eight times into the river, but the boy swam back to the shore. After
thus amusing himself he tied the boy, beat out his brains with a stone
and again threw him in. A man on the opposite shore witnessed the
murder, but the river was too wide for him to make his presence known.
A description of the negro was given to the jailer, who arrested him.
The same night a crowd of workmen employed on the river improvements,
visited the jail and demanded the prisoner. Owing to the delicate
condition of the jailer's wife at the time, the mob was persuaded to
disperse. All occurred on the 20th instant. On Saturday night the mob
revisited the jail, carried the jailer's wife to another house, then
took the prisoner and hung him to a beam in the depot building and
riddled his body with bullets. The negro confessed.

1 May 1883, The Atlanta Constitution (Georgia) via Ancestry.

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