A Farmer Swung From a Bridge For Murdering His Neighbor.

NELSON, Neb., July 18. -- A farmer named Coonerad, who was being held in
jail here for the murder, on Thursday last, of another farmer named
Henry Sallen, was taken out by 100 men yesterday and hanged on a bridge
near the city. Sallen had just sold a load of hogs for $50, and
Coonerad saw him draw the money. He asked Sallen if he could out home
with him. Sallen consented, and the two men left together. Two hours
later Sallen's body was found lying by the roadside, about two miles
west of town. Suspicion at once fell on Coonerad. The sheriff,
accompanied by a number of citizens, went to the house, where they found
him in a clean suit of clothes, while, at the back of the house, his
wife was discovered washing blood out of a shirt. The coroner's jury
rendered a verdict to the effect that Coonerad had died at the hands of
parties to the jury unknown. Mrs. Sallen, who was in a delicate
condition at the time of her husband's murder, has died from the effects
of the shock.

19 July 1887, The Atlanta Consitution (Georgia) via Ancestry.

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