Piney Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
Solomon Road, Bonaire, Houston County, Georgia
32°31.440N and 083°36.738W
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ALLEN, Eveline6-29-1956 to 11-3-2001At Rest
BERRY, Genny
d. Mar 13, 1939Wife and Mother. Age 71 Yrs. Her toils are past, her work is done.
BILLINGSLEA, MaggieJuly 18, 1905 - June 20, 1919Gone, but not forgotten.
BROOKS, Johnnie M.8-30-1925 to 3-18-2001At Rest
BROWN, Essie M.9-28-1944 to 12-3-1979At Rest
BROWN, Mary E.8-1-1948 to 10-29-1987At Rest
BURDEN, Alice MayoApr 29, 1928 - Sept 3, 1944Come Unto Me Ye Blessed
CANION, Addie Mae09-01-1913 to 05-03-1994At Rest
CANION, Clara Mae2-28-1953 to 6-5-1963At Rest
CANION, Claude8-15-1935 to [?]-[?]-1987-
CANION, Lonnie M.8-7-1962 to 2-18-2004At Rest
CANION, Travis S.Oct 12, 1972 - Mar 2, 1998At Rest
CARMON, Pearlie M.10-23-1923 to 4-9-1995At Rest
CHANEY, Sadie1-31-1907 to 10-19-1999At Rest
CHAPMAN, Markb. Oct 15, 1963[sunken stone]
COATES, Jimmy11-9-1964 to 12-6-1995At Rest
COATES, Lucille04-06-1906 to 02-17-1993At Rest
COLE, Mrs. OzzieMarch 5, 1918 - July 6, 1965-
COLEY, Alice MaeJuly 4, 1939 - Aug 12, 2000Loving Wife and Mother
COOPER, MattieAug 16, 1893 - Dec 12, 1962At Rest
COOPER, Willie4-15-1904 to 7-2-1981At Rest
COPELAND, Walter10-15-1953 to 6-6-1981At Rest
CORNELIUS, James F.12-9-1948 to 10-29-2002At Rest
DAVIS, Asilene7-18-1937 to 6-6-1998-
DAVIS, Eddie03-10-1919 to 10-28-1993-
DAVIS, Edward L. Jr.6-16-1921 to 11-3-1989STM1 US Navy, World War II
DAVIS, EmmaApr 15, 1855 - Mar 15, 1950At Rest
DAVIS[?], G. H.--
DAVIS, James Jr.Feb 15, 1938 - Apr 1, 1994PFC US Army
DAVIS, John W.6-17-1889 to 12-5-1960At Rest
DAVIS, Levonis6-13-1926 to 1-7-1970At Rest
DAVIS, Lula V.3-17-1898 to 2-29-2000At Rest
DAVIS, Rosa12-23-1918 to 6-16-1983-
DAVIS, Ruth B.8-8-1928 to 6-12-1978At Rest
DAVIS, Mr. TerrisJun 11, 1923 - Jan 22, 1990Pvt US Army. World War II. [another stone reads "James Ted Davis"]
DAVIS, Thomas E.Sep 30, 1921 - Nov 6, 1997PFC US Army. World War II.
DAVIS, William C.Apr 4, 1930 - Oct 24, 1997SSG US Army. Korea - Vietnam. In Loving Memory.
DUMAS, Sylvia A.5-4-1945 to 1-9-1975At Rest
ENGLISH, Savalas6-08-1977 to 4-27-2003-
EVERETT, I. Della1-[?]-1922 to 6-[?]-1990-
EVERETT, Claudie F.06-10-1922 to 02-24-1993At Rest
GLOVER, Eugene Jr.4-6-1924 to 4-2-1986At Rest
GLOVER, Frances11-05-1932 to 01-13-1994At Rest
GLOVER, Gregory8-24-1959 to 9-25-1993At Rest
GLOVER, Hollis4-12-1932 to 10-11-1983At Rest
GLOVER, HughJun 15, 1948 - Jan 22, 1999SA US Navy. At Rest.
GLOVER, John H.2-20-1922 to 6-7-1973At Rest
GOODWIN, Nors4-15-1901 to 3-30-1973At Rest
GORDON, J. C.September 9, 1928 - April 23, 1950Georgia, TN, US Navy, World War II
GORDON, Pat Jr.July 23, 1926 - May 14, 1945Georgia, Pvt 1331 Engrs, World War II
GRANVILLE, Annie9-[?]-1941 to 10-[?]-1996At Rest
GRANVILLE, BettyNov 1945 to 7-31-1984At Rest
GRANVILLE, General Sr.12-15-1895 to 3-23-1979At Rest
GRANVILLE, Hattie3-7-1895 to 8-22-1973-
GRANVILLE, Jessie7-5-1922 to 10-20-1978At Rest
GRAY, Annie M.3-18-1942 to 3-6-2004-
GRAY, Frank3-11-1945 to 5-29-1995At Rest
GRAY, James5-17-1911 to 12-2-1985At Rest
GRAY, Joseph8-29-1918 to 7-4-1981At Rest
GRAY, Mary I.Aug 29, 1865 - Aug 12, 1966-
GRAY, Sadie MaeDec 19, 1919 - Mar 31, 1991In Loving Memory. [s/s as Shemeaka M. Gray]
GRAY, Shemeaka M.Dec 4, 1990 - Feb 27, 1991In Loving Memory. [s/s as Sadie Mae Gray]
GRAY, W. C.Mar 17, 1913 - Aug 13, 1997Precious Lord Take Me Home
GREEN, Rosie Clyde9-19-1918 to [?]-27-1987-
HARVEY, Mrs. Nora9-9-1918 to 8-30-1981At Rest
HARVEY, Sadie M.3-10-1932 to 3-13-2000At Rest
HASLAM, George3-2-1884 to 11-3-1970At Rest
HASLEM, Alberta1897 - Mar 25, 1963At Rest
HEAD, Sarah Pearl2-15-1942 to 11-21-2001-
HEARD, Thomas W.8-2-1920 to 10-3-1971At Rest
HUGGINS, Essie Bell8-15-1917 to 7-16-1983At Rest
JACKSON, [William] H[enry]4-16-1934 to 7-28-1994At Rest. [broken stone; information provided by niece]
JACKSON, Annie L.3-17-1905 to 7-5-1973At Rest
JACKSON, FletcherNov 27, 1922 - Nov 18, 1994-
JACKSON, Henry8-4-1896 to 5-15-1975At Rest
JACKSON, James R.Sep 27, 1952 - Oct 19, 1979US Army. At Rest.
JACKSON, Lugene4-16-1895 to 2-28-1984At Rest
JACKSON, Nettie M.4-6-1930 to 9-19-1989At Rest
JACKSON, Rachel A.7-1-1890 to 9-20-1982At Rest
JACKSON, Steve Sr.8-[?]-1924 to [?]-[?]-1995At Rest
JENKINS, Corlenad. Apr 30, 1996-
JOHNSON, Barbara J.8-29-1960 to 2-11-2002At Rest
JOHNSON, Cecil11-30-1960 to 9-8-1983At Rest
JOHNSON, Edgar5-30-1919 to 12-25-1980At Rest
JOHNSON, James H.6-25-1945 to 11-11-1998At Rest
JOHNSON, Leo2-13-1948 to 4-5-1969At Rest
JOHNSON, Roy L.12-7-1954 to 7-18-1969At Rest
JONES, Lula3-7-1896 to 2-18-1988At Rest
JONES, Zerline
5-30-1921 to 3-12-1995At Rest
JORDAN, Charlie S.9-6-1942 to 6-2-1981At Rest
MACK, GeorgeDec 23, 1903 - Sept 30, 1916-
MAINE, Rose M.-At Rest
MATHIS, Charlied. August 4, 1922Georgia. Pvt 1CL. 305 Serv BN.
MATHIS, George1898 to 1-17-1929At Rest
MAYO, Willie MaeMay 6, 1904 - May 5, 1952Beloved Mother
MITCHELL, MarvinFeb 18, 1961 to Dec 15, 1965-
RHOME, Horace12-24-1919 to 12-27-1983At Rest
SETTLES, Lillie B.1-25-1892 to 2-2-1982At Rest
SMITH, Bessie9-5-1909 to 12-10-1990At Rest
SMITH, Elizabeth B. "Sis"Sep 16, 1914 - Jan 3, 2002God saw you getting tired, and a cure was not to be. So He put His arms around you, and whispered "Come go home with Me." To all that came to know her, she always had love to share.
SMITH, John H.1-20-1946 to 1-06-1984At Rest
SMITH, John Lee6-18-1905 to 2-15-1984At Rest
SMITH, Rebecca09-01-1909 to 11-02-1958At Rest
SMITH, Roy L.9-9-1951 to 3-16-1973At Rest
SMITH, Ruth D.9-10-1919 to 10-3-1999At Rest
SMITH, Willie J.8-20-1954 to 7-6-1998At Rest
SOLOMON, AlbertNov 15, 1901 - June 4, 1968At Rest
Nov 30, 1929 - Nov 25, 1992We Love You; The influence you had on all our lives will live on in our hearts for generations to come. May God enjoy you as we have.
SOLOMON, Clifton1-1-1921 to 3-14-1970At Rest
SOLOMON, Dan C. Sr.January 5, 1922 - March 15, 1973Georgia, Pvt, US Army, World War II
SOLOMON, Mrs. Essie K.3-26-1904 to 10-20-1989At Rest
SOLOMON, FredJun 28, 1950 - May 24, 2000US Air Force; Vietnam; At Rest
SPARROW, Arthur L.10-5-1921 to 12-6-1974At Rest
STEVENSON, Lucille11-7-1904 to 12-6-1994At Rest
STRIPLING, Ernest L.11-26-1940 to 4-12-1997-
1-15-1897 to 5-3-1991At Rest
STUBB, Jimmie L.10-6-1924 to 12-7-1980At Rest
THOMPSON, Della S.3-11-1888 to 6-8-1971At Rest
TOOMER, Compton-Age 80 Yrs
WALLACE, Lela Bell12-6-1923 to 2-10-1996At Rest
WATTS, Sarah3-[?]-1914 to 8-[?]-1982At Rest
WHEELER, King5-31-1990 to 8-22-2000At Rest
WHEELER, Mary A.2-1-1893 to 6-2-1982At Rest
WHITE, Evelyn G.09-03-1934 to [?]-11-1991At Rest
WILLIAMS, Allen Sr.[?]-[?]-1935 to [?]-[?]-2002At Rest
WILLIAMS, Carrie L.3-1-1905 to 2-14-1979At Rest
WILLIAMS, Charlie Lee9-8-1936 to 8-29-1971At Rest
WILLIAMS, Lizzie6-[?]-1912 to [?]-[?]-1972At Rest
WILLIAMS, Patricia8-18-1975 to 3-22-1999-
WILLIAMS, Robert LeeJuly 9, 1951 - Dec 9, 1998US Army. Vietnam.
d. Jan 20, 1949-
WILLIAMS, Welton3-10-1900 to 7-23-1983At Rest
WILSON, AaronJune 8, 1927 - May 22, 1965At Rest
WILSON, Charlie-At Rest
WILSON, Henry4-3-1950 to 9-5-1971At Rest
WILSON, James H.June 24, 1922 - Nov 17, 1964At Rest
WILSON, Jimmy L.12-13-1952 to 1-14-1977At Rest
WILSON, Laurena7-4-1892 to 4-20-1972At Rest
WOODARD, Lonnie1-[?]-1931 to 2-5-1963At Rest
YOKUM, MiltonNov 26, 1902 - Sep 18, 1979US Army. At Rest.

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