Magnolia Park Cemetery
205 S. Pleasant Hill Road
Warner Robins, Georgia
Ph: (478) 922-5845

Here you will find some Magnolia Park cemetery photos and a survey of some
of its oldest inhabitants. In fact, most of them were interred before the
cemetery was established in 1949. The address of Magnolia Park is stated
above. This portion of the cemetery is located 40 or so feet directly
behind the main entrance sign, under the magnolia trees. It's just beautiful.

The land for Magnolia Park Cemetery was donated by Thomas WATSON, Sr. who
was the father of R. H. Watson (Richmond Hezekiah; listed below). The
initial part of the cemetery was for the Watson family and relatives and
was known as the Watson Cemetery. Thomas at that time lived directly in
front of the Cemetery (on the east side of Pleasant Hill). [Thank-you,
Skeet Brown, for educating me on the history of Magnolia Park!]

I have provided a link to more than 600 transcriptions and photos from
this cemetery toward the bottom of the page.

ADAMS, Landon D.
Mar 16, 1978Mar 8, 2008Loving Son, Brother and Dad
We'll Always Love and Miss you...
Oct 23, 1934Mar 10, 1994Maj
US Army
ATKINSON, Dillard Jackson "Bill"Nov 8, 1930July 6, 1989Father
BARFIELD, Michael Lawrence
May 22, 1965Apr 17, 1989A Friend To All...
Even Unto Death He Gave
BARKER, Annie D.
Mch 11, 1877Oct 3, 1910"We'll join thee in that heavenly land.
No more to take the parting hand."
BARKER, Arthur LesselMch 5, 1895Oct 26, 1900"There are no partings in heaven"
BARKER, L. L.-Sept 11, 1915Age 45 Yrs
"Gone but not forgotton"
BARKER, Laura Clyde
Aug 22, 1898Apr 26, 1900There are no partings in Heaven.
BATCHELOR, Nancy AnnJun 29, 1925Jan 3, 2000"Yaeko Tamashiro"
BATEMAN, Annie BelleAug 27, 1900May 8, 1986In Loving Memoy
BATEMAN, Edgar E. Sr.July 14, 1898Dec 28, 1957In Loving Memory
BIRKHOFER, Mark H.July 24, 1954May 29, 1968-
BLACK, Ollie L.December 3, 1892October 31, 1981-
BOONE, Mary S.18871971Mother
BOSWELL, Annie ElizaFeb 13, 1874Dec 15, 1958-
Apr 27, 1905Feb 8, 1987-
Nov 4, 1909Mar 15, 1989-
BURDESHAW, James A.Oct 11, 1893June 20, 1967-
CAPEBIANCO, Joseph L.Nov 7, 1922Aug 30, 1971Pennsylvania
Major US Air Force
WWII Korea Vietnam
CAMPBELL, Charles McRayFeb 26, 1961Feb 28, 2001Beloved Son and Brother
CAMPBELL, Mary R.Oct 8, 1915Sept 25, 1992[s/s Robert V. Campbell]
CAMPBELL, Quincy V.Aug 9, 1956Jan 5, 1993Beloved Husband & Daddy
CAMPBELL, Robert V.June 15, 1904Aug 20, 1987[s/s Mary R. Campbell]
CHAPPELL, Ollie H.August 15, 1891January 10, 1968-
CHILDS, John SteveJanuary 27, 1896August 5, 1965-
CLARK, Joseph DonaldBrooklyn, New York May 2, 1901May 19, 1969Rest In Peace
COPELAND, Henry PaulFeb 23, 1925Nov 7, 1981-
CORBIN, Mildred B.
Feb 15, 1890Sept 21, 1971-
CORDER, David E.
Feb 4, 1890Dec 27, 1952For a little more information about Mr. Corder, please visit Not Wives, But Sisters at the Southern Graves blog.
CORDER, Nancy E.Jan 29, 1872Jan 15, 1959-
COULTER, Forest William18911955-
COUNTRYMAN, Robert C.Jan 6, 1892Aug 30, 1953Georgia
World War I
COX, David O.19511972-
COX, Ethel Elizabeth Gunter19042000-
COX, James M. Jr.
CRAIG, Maggie LeeApril 15, 1893June 5, 1968-
DELMAR, JeneSept 21, 1895Mar 31, 1961-
DEVINE, Marion C.18861970-
DOUGLAS, Carl EarlNov 2, 1899Oct 13, 1970-
DOUGLAS, Genevieve B.Aug 24, 1913Mar 20, 1960-
DUNNING, John A.May 28, 1906Mar 14, 1974District of Columbia
Col US Air Force Res
ELKINS, Christopher
Nov 1, 1962Nov 2, 1962Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
I Pray The Lord My Soul to Keep
ENGLISH, FannieJune 28, 1896July 2, 1901Dau of H. W. & Lula English
May 13, 1860Dec 16, 1903At Rest
ENGLISH, Henry ?Dec 10, 1900Mar 4, 1905-
Apr 26, 1873Jan 25, 1907Wife of H. W. English
Faithful to her trust,
Even unto death.
ENGLISH, MaudMay 9, 1899July 11, 1901Dau of H. W. & Lula English
EUBANKS, E. Eileen Mears19451997[s/s Roy Edward Eubanks, Jr.]
EUBANKS, Roy Edward Jr.19411995SMSgt USAF
[s/s E. Eileen Mears Eubanks]
FIFE, Hubert LesterApril 20, 1892June 19, 1950In Loving Memory
GARNER, Mary EthelAug 11, 1893Feb 23, 1964-
GARRISON, Pitner R.June 20, 1885June 2, 1968-
GIBSON, Hugh Lewis Jr.
Aug 3, 1934May 18, 2004SMSgt US Air Force
Loving Husband, Father, Grandfather
GOLDEN, Arthur18921957s/s Lizzie Golden
GOLDEN, Lizzie18951954s/s Arthur Golden
HANDLEY, Thomas H.Dec 8, 1883Oct 31, 1894[Broken Stone; His full name was Thomas Hardy Handley and was the first child of Daniel Francis and Louisa Batton Handley. My grandfather was their youngest child. - Anita Handley Kline]
HARTON, Pearl E.April 25, 1887Sept 21, 1975-
HEAD, Christopher Eric
June 28, 1985Jan 15, 1987"Our Little Angel"
HOWELL, Howard H.19171995Lt Col USAF
HUNTER, William L.July 6, 1876Sept 25, 1955-
HUTSLER, Effie D.18931973Home With God, Which Is Far Better
[s/s Rev. Everett O. Hutsler]
HUTSLER, Rev. Everett O.18921977Home With God, Which Is Far Better
[s/s Effie D. Hutsler]
INGRAM, Bertie D.18831972In Loving Memory
[s/s Margaret M. Ingram]
INGRAM, Margaret M.18951980In Loving Memory
[s/s Bertie D. Ingram]
JESTER, Minnie C.Apr 12, 1888Mar 30, 1962-
JESTER, W. SelbyOct 13, 1886April 25, 1961For more information, please visit Mr. Selby Jester, Drayman from Mississippi at the Southern Graves blog.
JOHNSON, John D.May 21, 1926Jul 31, 1996Cpl US Marine Corps
Pvt US Army
World War II
[s/s Veneda Mae Johnson]
JOHNSON, Veneda Mae19312004[s/s John D. Johnson]
JONES, Margaret B.19272006-
JONES, Robert E. Sr.19232007-
July 17, 1899Nov 2, 1961-
KAMINSKI, Alexander Thomas
Feb 16, 1939Nov 26, 2005I Have Fought The Good Fight, I Have Finished The Race, I Have Kept The Faith.
Loving Husband, Father And Grandfather
[For an obituary, please visit Alexander Thomas Kaminski at the Southern Graves blog.]
KIRKLAND, Pearl CorderJan 31, 1885Nov 13, 1971-
KNOPES, Shannon Peavy
Feb 28, 1972Apr 18, 1996Beloved Daughter, Sister, Wife
LESTER, Wesley M.Sept 16, 1891March 4, 1972Georgia
Pvt US Army
World War I
LEVERETT, Beaula BentonSep 22, 1867April 30, 1893Dau of J. T. & L. A. LEVERETT
LEVERETT, John Thomas18431914Georgia
Pvt Co K 11 Regt GA Inf
Confederate States Army
LEVERETT, Lenora A. Watson--Wife of John Thomas Leverett
LEVERETT, Thomas WileyAug 9, 1870Nov 11, 1942-
LINDSAY, Abbie SeawrightDec 28, 1896July 15, 1985-
LINDSAY, Thomas W. Sr.June 8, 1889May 27, 1968-
LONES, Harold E.
May 13, 1947Dec 10, 1994SP5 US Army
MARTIN, Cola S.19031984F L T
Odd Fellows
Together Forever
[s/s Wilma B. Martin]
MARTIN, Stephan Alexander (Alex)Nov 13, 1989May 25, 2008Remember Friend
As You Walk By,
As You Are Now
So Once Was I
As I Am Now,
You Will Surely Be
Prepare Thyself
To Follow Me
MARTIN, Wilma B.19071990Together Forever
[s/s Cola S. Martin]
MEYERS, George W.June 19, 1895Jan 18, 1955Georgia
Pvt 305 Infantry
World War I
MILLER, Annie M.18921986Wife
MILLER, Earl G.18881945Husband
MILLER, Jack H.19132001Son
MILLER, PansyAug 17, 1932Apr 2, 2005Mother
Ours For A Lifetime, With Jesus Forever
MIZE, WilliamApril 14, 1902Jan 30, 1955Georgia
PFC Co M 21 Infantry
World War I
O'NEAL, GradyJan 27, 1890Oct 20, 1954For more information, please visit Grady O'Neal & the Girl Next Door at the Southern Graves blog.
O'NEAL, Josephine HarbuckDec 22, 1894Oct 29, 1961-
OPPEL, Anna K.April 7, 1879November 22, 1949In Loving Memory
PARKS, David Larry
-Nov 3, 1962-
PEARCE, Stephanie Lynn
Sept 16, 1971July 20, 1993Jeremiah 29:11
PEARSON, Joanne West19381972In Loving Memory
PEAVY, EdwardsSep 14, 1914Jul 18, 1974Sgt US Army
PEAVY, Ira W.19121988s/s Mary L. Peavy
PEAVY, Mary L.19121994s/s Ira W. Peavy
PEAVY, Ruby D.June 26, 1925Dec 26, 2006Beloved Wife And Mother
PLUMMER, William J.July 6, 1870June 1, 1949-
PROCTOR, Zeff NironFebruary 8, 1880July 28, 1964-
ROBINSON, Robert C.18971971-
RODRIGUEZ, Carrie H. Lones
19262005Precious Memories
Mar 2, 1964Mar 3, 2000We Love You!
SCHARF, Mittie D.18831969-
SELF, Annie H.
Mar 3, 1897Feb 2, 1999-
SELF, Henry J.Jan 23, 1886Nov 10, 1948-
SELF, Poectus L.May 17, 1883Dec 24, 1973-
SHAVE, Frank H.Mar 31, 1928Dec 21, 1955Maryland
World War II
SPARKS, Callie JosephineNov 13, 1894May 21, 1965-
STAPLES, Joseph E.
July 28, 1891Jan 23, 1953Georgia
CFR Air Service
World War I
STAPLES, William LewisFeb 3, 1923May 10, 1972Ohio
PFC Army Air Forces
World War II
STORY, Bennette E.18901975Together Forever
[s/s Richard E. Story, Bessie Alice Story]
STORY, Bessie AliceJune 22, 1915Dec 14, 1915[s/s Richard E. Story, Bennette E. Story]
STORY, Richard E.18921957Together Forever
[s/s Bennette E. Story, Bessie Alice Story]
SWAIN, Clara RobersonMay 4, 1892January 19, 1982In Loving Memory
SWAIN, Samuel Y.February 10, 1884January 4, 1950In Loving Memory
SWANSON, Gustaf A.Oct 19, 1882Aug 1, 1950-
SWANSON, Pauline HagmanMarch 6, 1883December 15, 1962-
TAPLEY, Brenda AnnSept 25, 1945July 27, 1993I Shall Dwell in the
House of the Lord Forever
TAYLOR, Steven G.
Dec 19, 1954Sept 13, 2006Semper Fi
THOMPSON, Lucas James
Jan 6, 1986Feb 28, 2006First Son
We Little Knew That Morning
That God Was Going To Call Your Name
In Life We Loved You Dearly
In Death We Do The Same
Part Of Us Went With You
The Day God Called You Home
Our Family Chain Is Broken
And Nothing Seems The Same
But As God Calls Us One By One
The Chain Will Link Again
TONELSON, Alexander A. "Ace"18971973-
TREADWELL, Warren Lee19381998CMSgt USAF
WALKER, Claude GreenOct 13, 1922July 24, 1967Georgia
PFC US Marine Corps RES
World War II
[s/s Lillie B. Walker]
WALKER, Lillie B.Feb 26, 1924Nov 13, 2004Together Forever
[s/s Claude Green Walker]
WALKER, Esterine W.July 4, 1902Apr 1, 1972-
WALKER, Homer J. Sr.Mar 26, 1896Jan 25, 1947-
WALKER, Thomas HarrisOct 16, 1926Apr 30, 1953-
WALL, Adelaide Lindell "Cookie"
March 20, 1922July 8, 2003Always Loving,
Always Loved
[For an obituary, please visit Cookie Wall - Pretty in Pink at the Southern Graves blog.]
WALL, Charles DouglasMarch 1, 1926July 12, 1972For a complete gravestone transcription, please visit "This Is My Beloved Husband" - Love Letter in a Cemetery at the Southern Graves blog.
WARD, Wendell GlenJuly 1, 1908Aug 23, 1972Missouri
Sk2 US Navy
World War II
WASILINI, Elizabeth
WATSON, Annie Jones18801938-
WATSON, Arminda L.
Mar 25, 1837Sept 30, 1913Our Aunt
WATSON, Charles Boss
18751958For more information, please visit The First Mayor of Warner Robins, Georgia at the Southern Graves blog.
WATSON, Cosey S.Oct 1, 1870Oct 14, 1872-
WATSON, Crawford V.
Nov 20, 1885Jan 10, 1914Woodmen of the World Memorial; For more information and an obituary, please visit Crawford V. Watson: One of the Best Known at the Southern Graves blog.
WATSON, DorothySept 12, 1917Feb 28, 1918Inf Dau of W. C. & Pearl D. Watson
WATSON, [F]Annie C. WhiteMay 24, 1848May 15, 1896Married R. H. Watson Oct 31, 1867
WATSON, Mamie E.Feb 12, 1878Aug 31, 1885-
WATSON, Mattie BentonSept 6, 1885May 6, 1972-
WATSON, Mattie J.July 11, 1889March 12, 1968Together Forever
[s/s Ted Eugene Watson]
WATSON, R[ichmond] H[ezekiah]July 28, 1839Dec. 28, 1913-
WATSON, Ted EugeneDec 3, 1882Nov 28, 1918Together Forever
[s/s Mattie J. Watson]
WATSON, Vernon EugeneMarch 21, 1913January 13, 1914Son of T. E. & Mattie Watson
"Only Sleeping"
WENDT, William F. "Bill"
May 8, 1930Nov 2, 1982Greater Love Hath No Man
WILKINSON, Dessie L.Jan 27, 1880April 2, 1952In Loving Memory
WILLIAMS, Ada LaverneJune 30, 1938Dec 16, 1986For God in His Perfect Way Chose
This Rose for His Heavenly Bouquet
WILLIAMS, Lounell KerseyOct 31, 1931Jan 25, 1989Wife - Mother - Friend
When Your Love is Gone
And She Lies Beneath the Flowers,
You'll Find that the Nights
All Have Twenty Three Hours.
WILSON, Audie Kenneth "Kenny"19562001-
WILSON, Mark MackNovember 8, 1897April 22, 1987U.S. Army
Battery A
64th Artillery
World War I
WRIGHT, Annie Mae19141983Together Forever
[s/s Roy G. Wright]
WRIGHT, Eunice PearlNov 20, 1882July 7, 1982-
WRIGHT, Roy G.18951954Together Forever
[s/s Annie Mae Wright]
ZOUMBERIS, BessieDecember 21, 1921July 23, 2005[s/s Demetrios N. Zoumberis]
ZOUMBERIS, Demetrios N.September 15, 1907August 24, 1995[s/s Bessie Zoumberis]
ZOUMBERIS, Paul N.Feb 19, 1976July 27, 2005Loving Son, Husband, Father

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