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Houston Lake Baptist Church Cemetery
Arena Road
Perry, Houston County, Georgia
[Houston Lake Community]

This is a maintained church cemetery of a fairly small size. Some graves are overgrown, but easily identifiable. There is a chain link fence on one side. Marker types commonly found in this cemetery are upright headstones, footstones, and flat markers set flushed with the ground. There is a large, steep drop-off in front of the first row of graves. While this should not be a problem for several years, something will need to be done to stop the inevitability of erosion and those graves further sinking and sliding.

All photos are © Stephanie Lincecum. The ones posted on FindAGrave were done so without my permission.

The survey is complete, according to what is visible. Last update: 27 September 2009.

[Row 1]:
NameBornDied Notes
SMITH, Eva Cape WarrenAug 7, 1881Sept 28, 1970 -
PATTERSON, Dwight C.May 22, 1919Dec 30, 1919 Foot Stone Inscription: D C P
Condition: Headstone and concrete slab are cracked
WESLEY, Mrs. B. C.
June 27, 1860Nov 19, 1921 Foot Stone Inscription: B C W
Condition: concrete slab is cracked and sunken; stone is not in good shape
WESLEY, William Benton2-24-18566-6-1930 Further Stone Inscription: Married in Ashland, AL On February 5, 1878 To Bethia Cumi Arnold
Condition: headstone is sunken; concrete is cracked and slightly lifted, showing ground underneath
SMA[LL?], Lisa Gail-- Infant Grave.
Condition: stone is not in good shape; inscription is almost completely unreadable
DURDEN, Betty Jean CatesOct 5, 1911May 4, 1991 Grave Marked By Watson-Hunt[?] Funeral Home of Perry, Georgia Funeral Marker.
Further Inscription: Age 79
Condition: grass has grown high across burial area
unknown--Unmarked, Cracked Concrete Slab
[ATTAWAY], Mollie Elizabeth1909[15 March] 1978Further Inscription: Age 69
Watson-Hunt Funeral Home
Perry, GA
[Note: Added information from Georgia Death Index. Thanks to Helen for providing this info!]
unknown--Unreadable Funeral Marker and Concrete Slab
COOPER, Marla MeltonJuly 16, 1948May 8, 1978Further Inscription: We Will Grieve Not, Rather Find Strength In What Remains Behind
ATTAWAY, Robert M.June 15, 1999Feb 26, 2000-
LUCAS, Jane C.Oct 26, 1951Sept 1, 1992Further Inscription: MOM

[Row 2]:
NameBornDied Notes
VISSAGE, Beatrice H.Sept 11, 1884Apr 16, 1974 [Of Cherokee descent, born and reared in Crawford County, GA. She was adopted as a child by a family whose last name was Lowe. I have done some investigation into the family, but have found nothing conclusive. - Wyatt Parker]
VISSAGE, Samuel H.July 10, 1871Nov 18, 1933 Condition: concrete slab is cracked
[Believed to have been born and reared in Houston County, GA. - Wyatt Parker]
WRAGG, Alva H.6-1-18842-4-1942 Inscription on Slab: 23 PSALM
Condition of Inscription: not good
WRAGG, Lorina Cape12-3-18956-27-1923 Inscription on Slab: JOHN 3:16
Condition: slab appears to have sunk; stone not in good shape
unknown--Unmarked Concrete Slab
[This is most likely the grave of Mattie Self Cape, wife of H. R. Cape. She was born October 1859 and died 26 May 1948. - Wyatt Parker]
--Further Stone Inscription: C.S.A.
[Member of the 3rd Regiment, Company D, Georgia Reserves during the Northern invasion and was a guard at the Andersonville Prison. Born February 1844, died 21 January 1923. His wife was Mattie Self Cape - possibly buried in the unmarked grave next to H. R. - Wyatt Parker]
PRINCE, Larkin Francis Sr.6-4-18932-11-1984 Further Inscription on Funeral Marker: Age 90
Watson-Hunt Funeral Home
Perry, GA
? ???There is a slab and headstone, but the inscription is unreadable.
PRINCE, J. D.July 20, 1922Aug 28, 1944 Inscription is handwritten.
PRINCE, Verlon D.June 15, 1947April 30, 1959 Inscription is handwritten and in poor condition.
SMALLWOOD, Alvin R.Jan 28, 1912June 10, 1964-
BURKHALTER, Pearlie PrinceOct 13, 1914Feb 29, 1996 Further Inscription on Funeral Marker: Age 81
Watson-Hunt Funeral Home
Perry, GA
PRINCE, VerlonMay 16, 1923Apr 2, 1980 Further Inscription: Pvt US Army
World War II
PRINCE, Frank Jr.Aug 28, 1928Aug 15, 1990 Further Inscription: Pvt US Army
World War II

[Fenced Area]:
*There are only 5 obvious burials in this area. In a couple of spots, there are bricks that might have been placed to mark a burial. I cannot be certain.
NameBornDied Notes
PRESCOTT, Margaret E.Oct 9, 1851May 10, 1918 Further Inscription: Wife of J. T. Prescott
PRESCOTT, James T.Aug 18, 1840Jan 9, 1921-
PRESCOTT, James T. Jr.
Aug 16, 1884Sept 3, 1921 Further Inscription: He Died At His Post Of Duty
PRESCOTT, Georgia L.Jan 25, 1888Jan 17, 1893-
PRESCOTT, Benjamin F.Aug 9, 1882Aug 14, 1883-

[Row 3]:
NameBornDied Notes
KOVAC, AntonMar 3, 1885Apr 19, 1960Further Inscription: Daddy
[I recently noticed the obituary of Mrs. Saran "Sadie" A. Kovac in "The Telegraph." She was the wife of Anton and was to be buried in this cemetery. Mrs. Kovac was born in Pulaski County, GA about 1910. She died 5 March 2004.]
JORDAN, Catherine
May 16, 1859Sept 3, 1891Further Inscription: Wife of J. F. Jordan
unknown--pile of bricks
unknown--unmarked, cracked concrete slab
A. G. S. [?]--brick-covered burial area; small stone with initials
GEORGE, Arthur G.
Nov 5, 1892Feb 6, 1893Further Inscription: Infant Son Of W. F. & A. V. George
WHITE, Minter F.
March 1, 1917June 27, 1926Further Inscription: In Loving Memory
Son Of Chas. & Judith M. White
SELLERS, William LarryMar 27, 1943Mar 31, 1943Further Inscription: Our Baby
Son Of Mearl and Edith
WHITE, CharlesNov 12, 1875May 7, 1935-
WHITE, Margaret H.July 1, 1879Feb 10, 1946-

[Row 4]:
NameBornDied Notes
unknown--unmarked stone
SNIPES, JohnDec 4, 1887Dec 4, 1887Further Inscription: Infant Son Of W. R. & M. E. Snipes
Asleep in Jesus
GEORGE, Vinnie L.
Nov 4, 1889Nov 4, 1889Further Inscription: Infant Daughter Of W. F. & A. V. George
SNIPES, Annie Eliza
Jan 16, 1889Dec 2, 1892Further Inscription: Daughter Of W. R. & M. E. Snipes
SNIPES, Mrs. M. E.
Feb 1, 1861April 22, 1891Further Inscription: Wife Of W. R. Snipes

[Row 5]:
NameBornDied Notes
unknown--unmarked, possibly infant grave; stones in shape of a cross
unknown--unmarked, possibly infant grave; stones in shape of a cross
unknown--unmarked, brick bordered, cracked concrete slab; directly behind Mrs. M. E. Snipes; could be Mr. W. R. Snipes?
FARR, Albert T.Jan 6, 1911Oct 18, 1929-
unknown--large bouquet of flowers in urn
JONES, Ruby MerleOct 7, 1921Apr 9, 1984-
CLARK, Mary SueMar 22, 1900Apr 22, 1983
unknown--unmarked concrete slab
unknown--unmarked concrete slab
unknown--moss covered head and foot stones; concrete slab, possibly infant; "At Rest" handwritten on slab

[Row 6]:
NameBornDied Notes
FARR, Infant SonNov 14, 1899Jan 1, 1900Further Inscription: Infant Son Of J. M. & Mrs. Havannah Farr
FARR, Addie Kate
Dec 15, 1897Oct 23, 1900Further Inscription: Daughter Of J. M. & Mrs. Havannah Farr
FARR, Robert C.Sept 13, 1905Oct 22, 1922-
FARR, Havannah CopelandMar 18, 1878Oct 15, 1928-
FARR, James M.June 3, 1875Aug 25, 1925-

[Row 7]:
NameBornDied Notes
unknown--brick covered burial
FARR, Lugenia H.---
FARR, Joseph ClevelandFeb 15, 1885June 13, 1905Further Inscription: Son Of W. S. & S. L. Farr

[Row 8]:
NameBornDied Notes
FANN, Mrs. Dona C.Jan 8, 1883Jan 6, 1956-
RACKLEY, Julia WilsonOct 26, 1858Oct 1945-
RACKLEY, William F.Feb 1859Sept 1927-
RACKLEY, Rosa TorbetJuly 17, 1897Oct 8, 1937-
RACKLEY, M. L.May 16, 1893Apr 24, 1961-
FARR, William S.---
unknown--unmarked stone

[Row 9]:
NameBornDied Notes
unknown--unmarked concrete slab
FARR, Cliff--unreadable headstone; name also etched in concrete slab
WEST, Anna Bell--Further Inscription: At Rest
FARR, Jake1880March 1927-

[Row 10]:
NameBornDied Notes
FARR, LouiseMar 26, 1907June 9, 1916Further Inscription: Daughter Of W. C. & A. L. Farr
FARR, J. M.Aug 13, 1900Nov 4, 1918Further Inscription: Son Of W. C. & A. L. Farr
FARR, Annie F.Aug 3, 1874Feb 8, 1930-

[Row 11]:
NameBornDied Notes
FARR, William C.Dec 17, 1873May 16, 1931-

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