Henderson Spring Road Cemetery
a.k.a. Springhill Church Cemetery
Elko, Houston County, Georgia

Henderson Spring Road connects to GA 26 (north) and County Line Rd (south). The road is unimproved. A local resident, Mr. Jim Fackler, remembers there being a church attached to this cemetery named Springhill. The cemetery is not entirely kept up, but it certainly is in a beautiful spot. There are many unknown burials. Some of the graves are only marked by mounds of dirt. Below you will find a couple of videos, transcriptions, and pictures of this cemetery. The first video is a 360° pan of the cemetery. The second video shows the unknown burials marked by mounds of dirt. The slabs directly behind these mounds are also unknown.

BROWN, Claudie Mae12-6-19128-8-1987At Rest
BRO[WN?], Ella7-15-190?7-4-1970At Rest
[stone broken]
BROWN, Rev. GeorgeAug 1853Sept 1903
BROWN, HarrietApril 10, 1878May 10, 1950-
BROWN, HenryMar 10, 1885?
BROWN, Mattie5-14-188510-18-1970-
BUCKLES, Sam "Ram" Sr.Feb 11, 1920Dec 9, 1990
COLEY, Annie---
COLEY, Joe---
DAVERSON, Addie M. VanceMay 25, 1916May 20, 1956At Rest
DAVIDSON, Mildred5-23-19237-15-1973At Rest
DORSEY, Mrs. Mattie M.4-17-19133-21-1983At Rest
FITZGERALD, Conelius3-3-19209-27-1970At Rest
FITZGERALD, Daniel-Jan 25, 1956At Rest
FITZGERALD, Rev. Willie B.3-1-19187-15-1976At Rest
FLETCHER, WillieOct 24, 1908May 11, 1953-
HARREL, Jimmie-May 18, 1945At Rest
HARRELL, Lucy5-6-18964-5-1982-
HENDERSON, WillieJan 3, 1888May 25, 1909[s/s John T. Shelton]
HOWARD, Ava Lee1-5-19125-3-1982-
HOWARD, Henry B.11-25-19161-4-1986At Rest
MCADOO, Lezzie4-7-189012-4-1952-
MCGHEE, Radie MaeMay 29, 1914June 30, 1949-
MCKENZIE, EmanuelJan 2, 1894Mar 7, 1959-
MOSLEY, Lizzie7-4-190410-15-1988-
ONEAL, Rachel3-10-19259-3-1968At Rest
PERRY, Field-1934-
RENFORD, Mrs. Amanda12-12-189912-6-1972At Rest
ROBERT, MorganSeptember 13, 1925May 17, 1950Georgia
[662 DoD?] Ammo Co
World War II
ROGERS, Eddie Mae2-15-18873-5-198?-
ROUNDS, Cora B.9-29-19185-8-1971At Rest
SEARCY, Annie M.9-23-19125-26-1934At Rest
SEARCY, George E.11-20-193411-15-1983-
SHEELY, George Washington3-16-18967-24-1984At Rest
Pvt US Army
World War I
SHELTON, John T.Dec 15, 1899Apr 30, 1920[s/s Willie Henderson]
SHELTON, Renna-Nov 24, 1924Age 58 Yrs.
TAYLOR, AnnieJuly 4, 1879Mar 16, 1959At Rest
TAYLOR, Emsley-Mar 1948-
TAYLOR, HenryMay 22, 1879April 2, 1927-
TAYLOR, Lillie M.3-4-19267-4-1976At Rest
TAYLOR, Mattie---
TAYLOR, Velmus V.July 13, 1946Mar 21, 1956At Rest
TAYLOR, William1899March 5, 1959-
VANCE, Ella Bell18911924-
VANCE, Otis-10-19-1970At Rest
WHITFIELD, Antonio M.Feb 3, 1998Mar 2, 2002-
WHITFIELD, Ethel Mae "Punch"Apr 14, 1928Nov 12, 1997-
WHITFIELD, Genie "Junior" Jr.Feb 12, 1932Aug 13, 2004-
WHITFIELD, Genie Troy Sr.Nov 29, 1904Feb 6, 1978-
WHITFIELD, La'NorrisJune 2, 1956Mat 29, 2001-
WHITFIELD, Lester L.Feb 20, 1925Oct 15, 1967-
WHITFIELD, Ozzie MaeOct 10, 1906Mar 28, 1987-
WHITFIELD, Thomas Clark "T.C."Mar 17, 1939Feb 15, 2008At Rest

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