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Centerville Cemetery

Here you will find some Centerville Cemetery photos and a survey of its
inhabitants. The cemetery is located across from Centerville's First
Baptist Church on Church Street.

Though it has changed greatly, the following account from a Centerville
resident will give you an idea of the early layout of the town. This will
be especially so if you are able to visit the cemetery. The account is
given from the perspective of standing in the cemetery and facing the First
Baptist Church.

The left side of the cemetery parking lot is where the wooden Hattie
Baptist Church stood. "Hattie" was the original name of what is now
Centerville. Directly across the street was the brick school building.
The First Baptist Church has kept this building in tact. To the right of
the school was a tin building for the schoolmaster. At one time, the
schoolmaster was a Mr. HUNT. Farther right, in the triangular area at the
corner of Church Street and Houston Lake Road, is where a store stood. In
this same general vicinity is where the cotton gin stood. The STAFFORD
farm is where the Galleria Mall now stands (can be seen from the
cemetery). If you turn around and face the cemetery, the land to the left
is owned by the Silas M. RAPE, Sr. family. Mr. Silas Rape is buried in
this cemetery. The woods behind the cemetery was the sight of a lot of
hunting 50+ years ago. And further behind those woods was home to the
BASSETT and GARVIN family farms. In fact, there is a Bassett Street and
Garvin Drive in these locations.

This survey is alphabetized by surname. As mentioned above, I have posted
photos and notes where possible.

This page was last updated 19 August 2010. Unless otherwise noted, AKIN
notes provided by William W. Hatcher Sr.

Additional notes can be found at the bottom of the page.

ADAMS, Benjamin J.Aug 22, 1901Apr 4, 1932-
AKIN, Alfred J.May 19, 1930Dec 20, 1991[Alfred Jewitt Akins: son of William Murphy Akins & Rosa Lee Miller; grandson of William Myles Akins & Eliza Jackson.]
AKIN, Daniel AlfredDec 13, 1960Nov 22, 1962Beloved Son of Alfred & Sara [Johnson] Akin
[Grandson of William Murphy Akins & Rosa Lee Miller.]
AKIN, Earnest S.Jan 9, 1916May 20, 1923[Son of Mitchell Edgar "Mitch" Akins & Nettie Oguin (O'Quinn). Grandson of William Myles Akins & Eliza Jackson.]
AKIN, James19101926[Son of James Rufus Akins & Mary C. O'Quinn; grandson of William Myles Akins & Eliza Jackson.]
AKIN, James R.Dec 12, 1883Oct 16, 1949[James Rufus Akins: Son of William Myles Akins & Eliza Jackson; grandson of Ira Akins & Jane Zannie Thompson.]
AKIN, Mary C.Mar 27, 1884Aug 10, 1960[Wife of James Rufus Akins, maiden name: Mary C. O'Quinn.]
AKIN, Mildred V.May 24, 1920Dec 17, 1920[Infant daughter of John Norman Akins & Pauline Miller; granddaughter of William Myles Akins & Eliza Jackson.]
AKIN, Mitchell Edgar "Mitch"Sept 8, 1886June 3, 1947[Son of William Myles Akins & Eliza Jackson; grandson of Ira Akins & Jane Zannie Thompson.]
AKIN, Nettie OguinMar 26, 1876Nov 24, 1957[Spouse of Mitchell Edgar "Mitch" Akins. Maiden name may be spelled O'QUINN.]
AKIN, Pauline M.Dec 9, 1902Nov 8, 1987MOTHER
[Middle initial stands for her maiden name, Miller. She was the wife of John Norman Akins.
Pauline was daughter of William Henry "Newell" Miller & Annie Viola Leaptrot; granddaughter of Newell Henry Miller & Mary Elizabeth Birket.
AKIN, Sara J.Sept 8, 1929May 11, 2001[Sara Johnson, spouse of alfred Jewitt Akins.]
AKINS, F. M.Feb 2, 1875April 26, 1936-
AKINS, John Norman
June 10, 1889July 6, 1931Georgia
Wagoner Med Dept
*The slab reads 'AKIN'.
[John Norman AKINS, Company "K"; RFD Wellston, Ga. Inducted Houston Co. Army Ser. #2, 588, 000. Motor Det Camp Greenleaf, Ga. to 23/7/18; Evac Amb Co #7 Motor Amb Pool Base Sec #3 to discharge. Served Overseas - 30/5/18 to 30/9/18. Honorably Discharged: 4/6/19. Burial Centerville Ga. Cemetery, across street from the First Baptist Church in Centerville, Ga. Died, July 27, 1931, Houston Co. GA. Wife of Pauline Miller. John was son of William Myles Akins & Eliza Jackson; grandson of Ira Akins & Jane Zannie Thompson.]
ALLEN, Ruby CromerNov 19, 1917Mar 5, 1963-
AMMONS, John--Chain-link fenced area containing 2 concrete slabs. Name is on the side of the fence.
ANDREWS, Cynthia RapeMay 18, 1915Feb 29, 2000Loving Mother
ANDREWS, Gwendolyn R.Feb 8, 1919Feb 17, 1999Loving mother & wonderful grandmother.
ANDREWS, Lonnie L.Oct 24, 1910July 31, 1983Gone but not forgotten.
ARNOLD, Thomas H.Dec 20, 1916May 15, 1942Husband of Doris Moore
AULTMAN, Benjamin Edwin-Dec 16, 1946Infant Son of Georgia & Edwin Aultman
AULTMAN, Edwin Ellis "Duck"July 27, 1911May 28, 1986PFC US Army
World War II
AULTMAN, Georgia GarvinMay 6, 1912Dec 3, 1998[Wife of Edwin Aultman]
BAILEY, KatieJune 28, 1897Apr 4, 1963Wife of Otis A. Johnson. There are 4 unmarked infant concrete slabs next to this grave.
BARKS, Albert H.Aug 15, 1917Jan 29, 1981-
BARKS, Rosemary S.Mar 18, 1929Jan 11, 1986-
BASSETT, Ellie J.Dec 10, 1896May 13, 1987The Lord Is My Shepherd
BASSETT, Evelyn N.Sept 18, 1906Dec 18, 1995The Lord Is My Shepherd
BASSETT, Fannie V.July 26, 1901Dec 10, 1982-
BASSETT, Jackie DanielDec 17, 1937Feb 18, 1977-
BASSETT, Larry MauriceApr 20, 1948Oct 18, 1956-
BASSETT, Robert LeeJan 29, 1903Nov 23, 1980-
BASSETT, Sarah H.Mar 23, 1873June 7, 1951-
BASSETT, William B.Mar 7, 1875Feb 25, 1956-
BRAND, John ClarenceJan 27, 1908June 21, 1935-
BRAND, Milton CareyJune 28, 1929Sep 27, 2001CMSgt US Air Force
Korea - Vietnam
BRAND, Patsy B.May 17, 1933Sept 19, 1987-
BRANTLEY Family--4 adult, 1 possibly young adult, and 1 infant concrete slabs
BRANTLEY, Gertrude E.Apr 2, 1887Mar 7, 1968-
BRANTLEY, SidneyAug 8, 1908March 20, 1910-
BRIDGES, Rev. ClaudeApr 3, 1888Jan 15, 1959-
BRIDGES, Emma FrierOct 13, 1877June 24, 1963-
BROWN, Elizabeth RapeFeb 4, 1921Feb 24, 1983-
BROWN, Emory H.Jan 6, 1911June 30, 1936-
BROWN Infant Daughter-Jan 17, 1987Beloved Infant Daughter of Gary & Brenda Brown; Sleeping Angel
BROWN, Joseph H. Jr.Dec 4, 1913Aug 18, 1969Georgia
Sgt US Army
World War II
BRYAN, Ruby SmithDec 13, 1921Dec 27, 1981Precious Mother
BRYANT, Charlie W.Dec 17, 1903Dec 30, 1977Beloved Father
BRYANT, Sadie B.Oct 15, 1905Oct 3, 1986Beloved Mother
BUSH, Luther LamarMay 22, 1931Jan 29, 1987Daddy - PaPa
BUSHNELL, William R.July 11, 1907Feb. 4, 1963-
CALDWELL, Rev. AndrewMar 24, 1882June 17, 1963-
CALDWELL, Andrew BaileyAug 8, 1905Aug 15, 1923Gone But Not Forgotten
CALDWELL, Etta SaffoldAug 28, 1884Jan 23, 1968-
CALDWELL, Ida S.18801958-
CALDWELL, T. B.Apr 2, 1896May 1, 1947-
CALHOUN, Augustus ClaytonJune 5, 1855Dec 23, 1932He is at rest in heaven. [Son of James Henry Calhoun and Lucy Leaptrot; husband of Mary Hayes; father of Lucy Ellen Calhoun, who married John Francis Seay in 1901. She later married David Alby Garvin.]
CHANDLER, Anthony G. "Tony"
Oct 21, 1944June 16, 1968Beloved Son of Jack and Bessie Young. Killed In Action.
BM2 US Navy PCF 19
CHASTAIN, Bryant ChristopherJan 12, 1970Jan 20, 1990We Love You, Son
CHASTAIN, Hansel DouglasOct 10, 1917Mar 31, 1997Honey, Daddy, PaPa
CHASTAIN, Hilliard S. Jr. "Chet"July 5, 1934Dec 3, 1993Mason Symbol
CHERRY, James D.Dec 8, 1860May 21, 1923[Is this the same J. D. Cherry that was tax collector in 1910? Or Justice of the Peace sometime between 1903 and 1915?]
CHERRY, Minnie S.Sept 17, 1872Sept 15, 1955-
CHERRY, Samuel B.May 22, 1909Oct 13, 1918-
COLLINS, Sara LeverettJune 19, 1907May 8, 1981-
COLLINS, Walter L.May 15, 1917Jan 15, 1981Sgt US Army
World War II
COOPER, Alma SmithAug 1, 1920Jan 17, 1986Beloved Mother & Ganga
COOPER, Russell Grant
July 22, 1991Oct 21, 1995Our Heart.
Went To Be With Jesus.
In Jesus' Arms We Laid Him Down, A Precious Jewel For His Crown.
CURINGTON, Rebecca Stemple "Becky"Dec 13, 1956Aug 31, 2001With Love She Had Encouragement For All
DALY, WareneJuly 7, 1909Nov 19, 1990-
DEFOOR, SaralynDec 30, 1959Jan 3, 1960"Baby Angel"
DELK, Lauretta BridgesNov 3, 1913Nov 18, 1996The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.
DUMAS, James T.Sept 13, 1926Sept 2, 1951-
DUMAS, Mildred J.July 28, 1916June 24, 2000-
DUMAS, R. HarryOct 13, 1919Nov 4, 1994-
ETHERIDGE, Donald LeeDec 30, 1932Dec 18, 1941Sweetheart.
Daddy's Boy And Geraldine's Brother, Gone, But Not Forgotten
ETHERIDGE, Fannie E. T.Dec 14, 1850Dec 3, 1916Funeral Notice
ETHERIDGE, Mitchell F.
Aug 14, 1846Apr 1, 1916[One of the earliest residents of Centerville. Father of Hattie E. Kemper and Lena E. Stembridge. Donated land for the cemetery, school, and church.
ETHERIDGE, Thomas Z.18821956-
ETHERIDGE, William L.April 1, 1886Jan 23, 1963FATHER
Oct 22, 1884Aug 18, 1918His Wife [John F. Ethridge]
Oct 19, 1879Nov 24, 1912-
ETHRIDGE, Mary J.Sept 7, 1869May 1, 1936Wife of W. B. Watson
ETHRIDGE, R. L.--Infant Son of W. L. Ethridge
FIELDS, Henry A[rchibald]Sept 14, 1880Jan 9, 1935[Son of James H. Fields and Martha A. Pate; Husband of Mattie Elizabeth Sullivan]
FIELDS, Mattie S[ullivan]Aug 12, 1881May 26, 1959[Wife of Henry Archibald Fields]
FILETTI, John JosephAug 31, 1918Nov 3, 1983-
FISCHETTI, WilliamOct 12, 1910Jan 22, 1984TEC4 US Army
World War II
FOUNTAIN, Evelyn SullivanOct 24, 1924May 19, 1989-
FOWLER, Walker Sr.Aug 7, 1906June 15, 1988"Daddy"
FRALICK, Nina C. NewellNov 28, 1925May 6, 1987-
GARDNER, Myrtle S.Mar 15, 1933Apr 8, 1993-
GARDNER, Paul T. Sr.Oct 31, 1919Apr 8, 1995Mason Symbol
GARDNER, WillieSept 25, 1906Jan 9, 1977-
GARVIN, Anthony M.Mar 21, 1863July 2, 1947-
GARVIN, Ella LeeApr 15, 1872June 25, 1934-
GARVIN, Elsie H.188219??-
GARVIN, Etta ViolaApr 29, 1878May 30, 1970MaMa [Wife to Joseph Emmette Garvin]
GARVIN, George M.18721938-
GARVIN, Ilah LeeMay 16, 1916Jan 25, 1989-
GARVIN, James W.Sept 11, 1868Mar 17, 1947-
GARVIN, Joseph EmmetteFeb 18, 1875Dec 3, 1945PaPa [Son of Joseph E. Garvin; Husband to Etta Viola Tucker]
GARVIN, Lottie A.Feb 18, 1868Aug 16, 1955-
GARVIN, Lucy C.February 16, 1883June 7, 1962MOTHER [Daughter of Augustus Clayton Calhoun and Mary Hayes; Wife of David Alby Garvin]
GARVIN, Luther JackSept 13, 1884June 20, 1969-
GARVIN, Pearl BrantleySept 6, 1889Aug 13, 1944-
GARVIN, Sallie (Sarah)
Sept 26, 1887Nov 1, 1955Wife of O. E. Rape
GARVIN, Walter CollinsAug 6, 1904Oct 23, 1929-
GARVIN, William IraMar 5, 1858Sept 14, 1933-
GOLDEN, R. Dewey Sr.June 10, 1897Mar 1, 1982-
GOLDEN, Lois B.July 24, 1905Nov 28, 1981-
GRANT Infants--Infants of Willie Stembridge Grant & Luther W. Grant; *5 concrete slabs
GRAY, Edward D.18781951-
GRIFFIN, Clyde WrightOct 8, 1896Dec 7, 1935The Lord is My Shepherd
HALL, James19361990Inscription is handwritten
HAMMACK, Benjamin E.Jan 14, 1862Nov 4, 1915-
HARDISON, Ellen S.Mar 27, 1882Mar 14, 1965-
HARDISON, Henry C.Oct 13, 1908Feb 23, 1973-
HARDISON, HomerNov 23, 1881Sept 20, 1933*There was a small plaque on a stick like ones that are put down before headstones are placed and engraved. There was no writing, but the plaque was from "Memorial Chapel"
HARDISON, Marion E.Feb 4, 1923May 18, 1979"I Love My Jesus"
HAYES, MaryOct 29, 1857Apr 15, 1926Wife of A. C. Calhoun
A devoted wife & loving mother.
HEARD, Bailey A. and FamilyMay 2, 1863Apr 27, 1918A total of 5 concrete slabs, including 1 infant.
Darling beloved husband, The stars are dimly shining upon a lonely grave. Where sleepeth without waking, one we loved but could not save. Sweet and peaceful be thy rest, forget you I can never. God called thee; He knows best, His will be done forever.
HELMS, Susie S[tafford]Jan 3, 1880Apr 20, 1968[Daughter of Benjamin T. Stafford and Mary A. Leverett; wife of Will Helms.]
HILL, Sallie V.July 13, 1886February 13, 1938Wife of Clinton K. Watson
HOLLOMAN, Ida S.Feb 8, 1878June 22, 1952-
HOLLOMAN, James M.Sept 7, 1881Sept 8, 1934-
HOLLOMAN, NealApr 13, 1906Feb 19, 1923Son of J. M. & Ida Holloman
HOLLOMAN, SadieJan 18, 1908Mar 26, 1909Daughter of J. M. & Ida Holloman
HOLT, Clarence L.Dec 12, 1894Apr 1, 1967-
HOLT, Mary CoferDec 11, 1917Aug 22, 1997-
HOLT, Nettie GarvinOct 23, 1898Nov 14, 1992-
HOUCK, Mabel GrofeOct 14, 1905Mar 10, 1992-
HOWARD, A[rthur] Herbert18711956[Husband of Willie Roby. Father of Arthur Thomas Howard. Also father to 3 daughters: Ruth Howard (m. Charles Lane), Maude Howard (m. Herman Watson), and Myrtle Howard (m. C. B. Spinks). All are deceased and buried in Magnolia Cemetery in Warner Robins. - Carol Spinks Hightower]
HOWARD, A. J.November 13, 1907May 9, 1969-
HOWARD, Arthur T[homas]19041931[Son of Arthur Herbert and Willie Roby Howard. Died of pneumonia. - Carol Spinks Hightower]
HOWARD BabyJanuary 10, 1944January 10, 1944Stillborn
HOWARD, Mattie LeeMay 28, 1910November 5, 2001-
HOWARD, Willie R[oby]Apr 12, 1879Mar 13, 1966[Husband of Arthur Herbert Howard. - Carol Spinks Hightower]
HUDSON, Willie C.19121987-
HUGULEY, Eunice O. WhiteJul 27, 1877Aug 17, 1974-
HUGULEY, John HolmesFeb 12, 1876Jun 14, 1918-
HUSSEINI, Jeri SullivanMar 27, 1928July 29, 1992-
HYDE, Dewey K.Sept 29, 1915Dec 21, 1986-
JACKSON, Andrew J. "Bunk"Dec 4, 1865Oct 28, 1925Married Mattie Lou 6 Nov 1902
JACKSON, Henry Forrest "John"Jan 28, 1914Nov 14, 1991A Loving Husband and Daddy
JACKSON, Henry M.Nov 1, 1919Nov 17, 1999US Army
World War II
JACKSON, Rev. John E. Sr.Sept 9, 1918Feb 22, 1994-
JACKSON, Mattie LouNov 3, 1882Dec 17, 1955Married Andrew J. "Bunk" Jackson 6 Nov 1902
JAMES, Jeanette McRaeApr 4, 1932Oct 26, 1994-
JAMES, Taylor ReneeAug 8, 1992Aug 10, 1992-
JOHNSON, Attie WallaceApr 14, 1883Jun 16, 1970MOTHER
JOHNSON, Dorothy SeayMar 28, 1922June 23, 1994Loving Wife, Mother & Grandmother
JOHNSON, EdgarJuly 22, 1887Sept 25, 1958DADDY
JOHNSON, Edna H.Nov 10, 1890May 25, 1954MAMA
JOHNSON, Ernest W.Aug 24, 1907May 17, 1986HUSBAND
JOHNSON, Floyd EnsleyJuly 14, 1886May 31, 1965DADDY
JOHNSON, Gladys I.Dec 30, 1913Aug 24, 1975SIS
JOHNSON, Glynn P.Aug 4, 1925July 13, 1959Georgia
TEC4 128 Station Hospital
World War II
JOHNSON, James C.Oct 27, 1913Nov 26, 1992-
JOHNSON, James MiltonFeb 15, 1917Feb 4, 1971-
JOHNSON, Jeanette LeeJan 7, 1979Jan 18, 1979Infant Daughter of Judy & Harry Johnson
JOHNSON, Linda SouterMar 24, 1921Apr 29, 1969-
JOHNSON, Lula Bernice "Boonice"Dec 5, 1913Jan 26, 1988MAMA; *the Holy Bible is engraved on the stone
JOHNSON, Marvin B.Jan 6, 1936Feb 29, 1992Pops to All
Married Martha M. 10 May 1963
2 crossed checkered flags are engraved on stone
JOHNSON, Neita TidwellFeb 12, 1888May 12, 1982-
JOHNSON, Otis A.Jan 16, 1894May 23, 1958-
JOHNSON, Wesley N.July 1, 1889Feb 14, 1978-
JOHNSON, William Fred "Fred"Nov 14, 1920Sept 23, 1959DADDY; *a tractor is engraved on the stone
JOHNSON, William W. "Bill"Sept 28, 1923Aug 1, 1985-
JONES, J. Felton18811951-
JONES, Mattie C.18771945-
JORDAN, Edna StaffordMay 19, 1913Nov 20, 1997-
JOYNER, BobbyJan 29, 1934Mar 1, 1934-
JUDD, Appie K.Mar 14, 1877Jan 15, 1961MOTHER
JUDD, Bertha MaloneSeptember 5, 1895December 19, 1955 MAMA
JUDD, Jay T.June 16, 1903Jan 8, 1974Beloved
KEMPER, AnnieFeb 12, 1895July 22, 1913-
KEMPER, Hattie E.
Aug 14, 1870Mar 30, 1959[Eldest daughter of Mitchell F. Etheridge. For whom Centerville (Hattie) was once named.]
KEMPER, W. C.Oct 13, 1866May 17, 1927-
KENDALL, Joseph J.Mar 29, 1929Sept 21, 1999Married Esther T. Oct 25, 1959
KERNS, Harold AllenJan 16, 1919Jan 18, 1997-
KERNS, Eula TuckerMay 13, 1916July 23, 1999-
KIMBROUGH, George W. Sr.Mar 26, 1891Sept 25, 1964-
KIMBROUGH, Mary BellOct 25, 1890Mar 31, 1959-
LARY, Mary Catherine
Jan 11, 1852Nov 22, 1925Wife of W. I. Garvin.
She was a kind and affectionate wife.
A fond mother and a friend to all.
*There is GARVIN stone at the foot of this grave. It was made by Wooten Marble Co of Macon, GA.
LEVERETT, Annie Avery "Annie"June 30, 1904Aug 11, 1987-
LEVERETT, Edward D. "Ed"May 4, 1898Dec 11, 1960-
LEVERETT, Elizabeth W.Oct 15, 1868Oct 2, 1918-
LEVERETT, Mollie E.Sept 27, 1874Dec 19, 1961-
LEVERETT, Reuben P.Feb 15, 1905Nov 6, 1945-
LEVERETT, TrumanAug 8, 1910July 5, 1935-
LEVERETT, W. HenryApr 5, 1866June 10, 1943-
LEVERETTE, Annie H.Nov 26, 1894Dec 21, 1983MAMA
LEVERETTE, Carlie L. MarshallJan 30, 1885Dec 12, 1930-
LEVERETTE, Carswell Alexander "Buck"July 14, 1871Sept 2, 1945-
LEVERETTE, Charles L.Apr 27, 1864June 16, 1931-
LEVERETTE, ClaraJuly 22, 1903Jan 11, 1913-
LEVERETTE, Effie W.Oct 29, 1906June 12, 1983*bouquet of flowers engraved
LEVERETTE, I. HardisonDec 29, 1919Sept 14, 1967How Blest Are They Who From Their Labors Rest
LEVERETTE, J. CrowderJune 8, 1902Sept 4, 1974*tractor engraved
Aug 12, 1846July 8, 1922Wife of B. T. Stafford
Gone but not forgotten
LEVERETTE, Metta J.Aug 3, 1867Sept 4, 1948-
LEVERETTE, Walter LeeMar 8, 1868Dec 6, 1931DADDY
LEWIS, William HenrySept 29, 1890Mar 7, 1977US Army
Birthdate is engraved on a headstone. 'Sept 27, 1890' is the birthdate engraved on the concrete slab.
MALONE, G[ird] A[rmstrong] Jr. "Red"May 28, 1927July 2, 1978[Son of Gird Armstrong Malone and Bertha L. Rape.]
MALONE, Gird A.-September 2, 1933Alabama
106 AM TN 31 DIV
MASON, James SeymourFeb 18, 1930Feb 12, 2005"Jim"
MATTHEWS, Gussie M.January 24, 1902June 26, 1966WIFE [Daughter of John Francis Seay and Lucy Ellen Calhoun; Wife of John Mark Matthews; Postmistress of Centerville Post Office; Operated Hattie General Store]
MATTHEWS, John M[ark]Feb 20, 1900June 19, 1959HUSBAND
MCCARD, Ella MaeMay 1, 1914June 16, 1996[Daughter of Joseph Emmette Garvin and Etta Viola Tucker; Wife to William Otto McCard]
MCCARD, William OttoSep 13, 1926Jun 30, 1993Pvt US Army
World War II
[Husband of Ella Mae Garvin]
MCKINLEY, Bernice RebeccaApr 4, 1908Dec 12, 1908Daughter of Ben F. and Elizabeth W. McKinley
MILLER, Eunice MayMay 28, 1896May 30, 1920Wife of Walter Stembridge
[Daughter of William Henry "Newell" Miller & Annie Viola Leaptrot. - Notes provided by William W. Hatcher Sr.]
MILLER, Henry GradyJan 13, 1905Dec 20, 1936[Son of William Henry "Newell" Miller & Annie Viola Leaptrot. - William W. Hatcher Sr.]
MIXON, Ila EudellJun 28, 1909Jun 4, 2001Granny
MIXON, Thomas F.Dec 15, 1901Jun 6, 1996PaPa
MOORE, Dora S.Aug 12, 1894Aug 26, 1959-
MOORE, Otis O.Feb 26, 1883May 4, 1954-
MORGAN, Frances P.Sept 23, 1926July 21, 2001A Soul Set Free
MULLIKIN, Myrtle M.Dec 22, 1908Sept 7, 2001MOM
NELSON, Russell HughesJune 14, 1908Nov 5, 1981[Son of Alfred Clayton Nelson and Emma Jane Vaughn; husband of (1) Genia Martin and (2) Edna Grace Stroud.]
NEWELL, Clifford E[streas]Sept 17, 1895June 5, 1966Georgia
World War I
[Husband of Ruby Lee Rape; father of Margaret Wilson, Ruby Lee, Nina Claude, Estelle Rebecca, and Clifford Estreas Newell, Jr.]
NEWELL, Ruby RapeJune 11, 1893July 4, 1966[Daughter of Peter Henry Rape and Laura Frances Scarborough; wife of Clifford Estreas Newell; mother of Margaret Wilson, Ruby Lee, Nina Claude, Estelle Rebecca, and Clifford Estreas Newell, Jr.]
NORMAND, W. John19151995Together Forever. Married Janice L. Apr 24, 1940.
OFFMAN Infant---
PETERS, Robert F.
-Mar 14, 1936Georgia
Pvt 1Cl 2 AM TN
[Married to Rosa Naomi. - Joyce Rape Harrison]
PETERS, Rosa NaomiOct 16, 1905Jul 17, 1982[Daughter of Henry Frank Rape and Mattie Reynolds. Sister of Victor Frank Rape. Husband of Robert Peters. - Joyce Rape Harrison]
PETERSON, Kaylee Jayne and Ariana Skye-Sept 17, 1993Our Beloved Little Angels Cradled Safely In the Arms of Jesus
PHILIPS, Della M. E.19231942-
POOLE, Edna A.Feb 3, 1912Jan 16, 1990Gone Home
POOLE, John R. Sr.Dec 10, 1908Oct 8, 1986At Peace
RAPE, Aldene Laurence
April 14, 1928Feb 1, 1963Georgia
S1 US Navy
World War II
RAPE, Alice Nesmith "MeMa"June 10, 1932Mar 26, 2002MAMA
RAPE, Ancel G[riffin][15 September] 1881[1 November] 1926[Husband of Fannie Etheridge; father of Rubert Olin Rape.]
RAPE, Audrey MarionMay 7, 1921Jan 27, 1926-
RAPE, Broer T.Nov 26, 1933Aug 14, 1999GRAN
RAPE, Cinderella WatsonMay 6, 1926Mar 16, 1994-
RAPE, EdwardApr 25, 1873Mar 6, 1953DADDY
RAPE, Fannie Etheridge18851926[Wife of Ancel Griffin Rape; mother of Rubert Olin, Earl Emery, Mabel Claire, Eleanor, Ernest Harris, Paul Hampton, and Ancil Griffin Rape.]
RAPE, Gertrude G.June 4, 1906Nov 29, 1997[Married to Victor Frank Rape. - Joyce Rape Harrison]
RAPE, Henry Frank[lin]Mar 19, 1875Jan 30, 1941[Father of Victor Frank Rape and Rosa Naomi Peters. Husband to Mattie Reynolds. - Joyce Rape Harrison]
RAPE, Laura Scarborough1856[21 February] 1931[Wife of Peter Henry Rape. Daughter of Silas D. P. Scarborough and Martha Caroline Jackson. Granddaughter of Nimrod Jackson and Elizabeth Busbee. - Joyce Rape Harrison]
RAPE, Lessie MaeSept 10, 1914Oct 31, 1914-
RAPE, Lucia B.Aug 24, 1882Apr 28, 1958-
RAPE, Lula V.Dec 11, 1899Mar 11, 1969MAMA; Gone But Not Forgotten
RAPE, Mattie ReynoldsNov 5, 1876Dec 23, 1935[Mother of Victor Frank Rape and Rosa Naomi Peters. Wife to Henry Frank Rape. - Joyce Rape Harrison]
RAPE, Milton EugeneDec 26, 1917Apr 18, 1918-
RAPE, Oscar Eugene
Oct 7, 1879Mar 30, 1963DADDY
RAPE, Oscar Eugene Jr.Nov 16, 1919Nov 19, 1983[Husband of Cinderella Watson; He served in the Air Force as an Aircraft Mechanic. - Brenda Faye Watson Petty]
RAPE, Paul H.[23 November] 19211974CPL US Army
RAPE, Peter Henry[16 December] 1849[12 November] 1910[Son of Milton Rape and Adeline Heath; husband of Laura Frances Scarborough - Joyce Rape Harrison]
RAPE, Ralph RoyOct 6, 1917May 9, 1964-
RAPE, Robert NealDec 16, 1948Feb 11, 1957Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Roy Rape
RAPE, Ruby MasonNov 11, 1887Dec 26, 1934MAMA [Wife of William Emmett Rape.]
RAPE, SallieJan 2, 1876Aug 11, 1949MAMA
RAPE, Sara RenfroeJune 26, 1920Jan 24, 1972-
RAPE, Silas M. Jr.Dec 1923May 15, 1924-
RAPE, Silas M. Sr.Feb 18, 1877Feb 1, 1966-
RAPE, Victor FrankOct 12, 1908Apr 2, 1929[Son of Henry Frank Rape and Mattie Reynolds. Husband to Gertrude G. Brother of Rosa Naomi Peters. - Joyce Rape Harrison ]
RAPE, William EmmettAug 2, 1883Oct 17, 1964DADDY [Son of Peter Henry Rape and Laura Frances Scarborough.]
RAPE, Wyatt LeoFeb 21, 1896Nov 2, 1987PFC US Army World War I
Gone But Not Forgotten
[Son of George Edward Rape and and Sallie Tucker.]
REDDY--2 adult concrete slabs, 1 infant/young adult concrete slab
REDDY, Edward ClavisJune 9, 1900June 6, 1970Georgia
Pvt 4 Service Comd
World War II
REED, John D. Sr.Apr 15, 1927Aug 7, 1997SSG US Army
REYNOLDS, Sarah S. Grant18581935-
RIGBY, Annie BellOct 27, 1896Jan 13, 1985-
RIGBY, Owen Sr.Apr 26, 1894Jan 11, 1981-
ROCK, Adelaide18811948Beloved Wife of Edward D. Gray
ROSSEAU, Norman M.June 19, 1922Jan 12, 2001-
SCARBOROUGH, Christopher F.Sept 29, 1993Feb 8, 1994Infant
SCARBOROUGH, Floy G.Oct 9, 1888Mar 5, 1971-
SCARBOROUGH, Raburn F.Sept 5, 1885July 17, 1974-
SEAY, Franklin HenrySept 20, 1905Nov 2, 1963HUSBAND [Son of John Francis Seay and Lucy Ellen Calhoun; Wife of Madeline Johanna Brand; Had 3 daughters: Halley Ellen, Virginia Dale, and Frankie Jo; Served in the Navy]
SEAY, Madeline [Johanna] BrandApr 5, 1917Nov 22, 1983WIFE [Wife of Franklin Henry Seay]
SEAY, Virginia DaleApr 5, 1945Apr 17, 1945Infant Daughter [Daughter of Franklin Henry Seay and Madeline Johanna Brand]
SELF, Spencer S.
Co G
8 GA Cav
SKINNER, Emma S.Aug 22, 1909July 19, 1986-
SMITH, Claudena DelkFeb 4, 1944Feb 9, 1991There is no grief where love blooms in Memory's garden.
SMITH, Jimmie LouAug 30, 1903Sept 14, 1972-
SORRELS, George C.19181933-
SORRELS, George W.Sept 14, 1891Jan 20, 1964-
SORRELS, Gladys I.Aug 31, 1913Oct 4, 1997-
SORRELS, Josie W.Aug 28, 1902Sept 11, 1967-
SORRELS, William T.18881950-
STAFFORD, B[enjamin] T.June 8, 1844Mar 24, 1913Gone but not forgotten.
[Son of William and Melinda Stafford; husband of Mary A. Leverett; father of Wiley H., William H., John T., Mary, Sally, Susan, Charles Pascall, Dean, and Joseph Palmer Stafford; held the Houston County Office of "Receiver" in 1896.]
STAFFORD, Charles P[ascall]Feb 4, 1881Feb 1, 1966FATHER [Father of Gordon Pascall, Connell Cline, Ernest Kay, and Charles Pascall Stafford, Jr.]
STAFFORD, Claude P[earl]Feb 13, 1888Feb 28, 1966MOTHER [Daughter of Peter Henry Rape and Laura Frances Scarborough, wife of Charles Pascall Stafford; mother of Gordon Pascall, Connell Cline, Ernest Kay, and Charles Pascall Stafford, Jr.]
STAFFORD Infant Son--Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. J. P. Stafford
STAFFORD, John FeltonApr 13, 1908Oct 9, 1979-
STAFFORD, John TaylorApr 19, 1875Feb 7, 1931[Husband of Pearl Leaptrot.]
STAFFORD, Joseph P[almer] "Dock"Nov 16, 1888Nov 26, 1970[Son of Benjamin T. Stafford and Mary A. Leverett; husband of Lois Jeannette Reddy.]
STAFFORD, Joseph SherrillOct 26, 1932May 9, 2000Houston County, GA Symbol
[County Commissioner; used to head local cemetery committee]
STAFFORD, Lille PearlSept 18, 1887Apr 6, 1981-
STAFFORD, Lois R.Aug 10, 1893May 20, 1972-
STAFFORD, Romny EvansFeb 8, 1918Apr 12, 1918-
STAFFORD, SallieJan 3, 1880Aug 11, 1959MAMA
STAFFORD, Thada MurphyMar 14, 1914Sept 25, 1982-
STALLWORTH, Amon J[ulian]Aug 5, 1891Dec 3, 1959-
STALLWORTH, Keith & KennethApr 8, 1967Apr 9, 1967Twin Sons of Wiley & Carolyn Stallworth
STALLWORTH, M[ary] Elizabeth HollowayAug 24, 1890Aug 5, 1983[Wife of Amon Julian Stallworth.]
STEMBRIDGE, Cora W.Aug 7, 1885Apr 3, 1970-
STEMBRIDGE, Green F.Jan 24, 1884May 21, 1935-
STEMBRIDGE Infant Daughter
July 18, 1907July 18, 1907Infant Daughter of O. H. & Lena Stembridge.
[First burial in Centerville Cemetery. Granddaughter of Mitchell F. Etheridge.]
STEMBRIDGE, J. A.18521923-
STEMBRIDGE, J. DurwoodDec 5, 1875May 11, 1950-
STEMBRIDGE, James CurtisJune 12, 1906Aug 25, 1925-
STEMBRIDGE, Julius D.July 3, 1919Sept 16, 1944Georgia
PFC 361 INF 91 DIV
World War II
November 27, 1874June 16, 1976[Daughter of Mitchell F. Etheridge. Wife of Oscar Huff Stembridge. Their daughter was the first burial in Centerville Cemetery.]
STEMBRIDGE, Nonie DeeseFeb 2, 1888Dec 4, 1968-
Aug 13, 1881Apr 3, 1922[Husband of Lena Etheridge. Their daughter was the first burial in Centerville Cemetery.]
STEPHENSON, Darrell H.Feb 1, 1911Oct 20, 1963-
STEPHENSON, Louise J.Jan 11, 1920Feb 15, 1998-
STORY, Charles R.Jan 2, 1865June 3, 1921-
STORY, Era BelleFeb 7, 1894Feb 16, 1977-
STORY, Ernest H.Aug 4, 1893Oct 4, 1968-
STORY, Willie S.Oct 12, 1867Nov 20, 1933-
SULLIVAN, Arthur E. Sr.May 4, 1896June 25, 1981DADDY
-Feb 20, 1914Gone But Not Forgotten. Wife of J. W. Sullivan. Age 36 years.
SULLIVAN, DryfusNov 17, 1902Aug 1, 1963-
SULLIVAN, Eddie M. Jr.Sep 2, 1919Mar 11, 1975SGT US Army
World War II
SULLIVAN, Eddie M. Sr.Feb 6, 1889March 1, 1935-
SULLIVAN, J. W. "Jim"18731927-
SULLIVAN, James E.Sept 7, 1932Oct 14, 1951-
SULLIVAN, John AndrewMar 19, 1875Aug 23, 1950-
SULLIVAN, Lillie MaeNov 17, 1904Sept 20, 1988-
SULLIVAN, M. S.Aug 12, 1860Nov 20, 1922Gone But Not forgotten. Sleep on dear Father and Husband and take thy rest. God calleth thee home, He thought best.
Mar 5, 1864Dec 4, 1923Sleep On Dear Mother and Take Thy Rest. God called thee Home, He Thought It Best. Gone But Not Forgotten.
SULLIVAN, Mary E. "Molly"Dec 14, 1880Dec 6, 1962-
SULLIVAN, Maude AkinsJuly 23, 1908Jan 5, 1991MAMA
SULLIVAN, Mildred B.March 7, 1918Nov 23, 1973-
SULLIVAN, Oscar E.Aug 23, 1926Sept 1, 1973Georgia
World War II
SULLIVAN, Robbie V.Feb 24, 1942Sept 15, 1992Love Forever
SULLIVAN, S. J. (Phinie)19191921-
THOMSON, Eva G.Feb 9, 1896June 25, 1979-
THOMSON, HaroldDec 1, 1916Apr 19, 1991Husband and Father
True Footsteps of Love and Honor
THOMSON Infant-Oct 3, 1948-
THOMSON, RuthFeb 10, 1920Apr 23, 2000-
THOMSON, Walter H.Dec 14, 1893Oct 10, 1975-
THORNHILL, Edna [Elizabeth Wood]19211991[Full name provided by daughter.]
THORNHILL, Woodrow W.Nov 6, 1916May 7, 1986S Sgt US Army
World War II
TUCKER, Allie JohnsonNov 28, 1883Sept 30, 1937MAMA
TUCKER, Clinton AldineOctober 16, 1921July 30, 2005[Born in Centerville; died in Perry, GA. He told his children before he died, "I love my wife, I love my children, I love my God and I love my country."]
TUCKER, Edward D.June 13, 1860June 13, 1940-
TUCKER, Elmer HoraceJuly 1, 1912Apr 1, 1998BROTHER
TUCKER, Erma Sullivan-Sept 26, 1976She Was a Kind & Affectionate Wife, a Fond Mother, & a Friend to All
TUCKER, Fain18721941-
TUCKER, Frances L.19041930Wife of W. B. Tucker
TUCKER, George E.Feb 8, 1844Dec 19, 1907-
TUCKER, Henry AltonAug 30, 1923Aug 13, 1987Too Well Loved to Ever Be Forgotten; *a tractor is carved into the stone
TUCKER, Ida RuthMay 11, 1914May 15, 1997-
TUCKER, Jessie O.Jul 10, 1876Mar 21, 1963[Wife of John Thomas Tucker. Daughter of Linson W. Reynolds (b. 1850, d. 2/12/1905, buried in Centerville Cemetery) and Martha Ann Seago (probably buried in Centerville Cemetery). - Joyce Rape Harrison]
TUCKER, John HaysOct 12, 1904Dec 4, 1975-
TUCKER, John ThomasMay 29, 1870Aug 2, 1924-
TUCKER, Lewis StephenMar 12, 1881May 16, 1939DADDY
TUCKER, Lewis Stephen Jr.Oct 23, 1921Dec 13, 1971BROTHER
TUCKER, Lillian HarpNov 11, 1911Jan 6, 1987-
TUCKER, Sallie H.May 21, 1864June 29, 1949-
TUCKER, Sula Clifford LeveretteJune 6, 1910Jan 28, 2001A Friend to All. In Loving Memory of Our Precious Mother.
TUCKER, William "Brack"Feb 3, 1899Dec 2, 1981-
TUCKER, Wynelle AndersonJuly 28, 1922June 5, 2006Wife of Clinton Aldine Tucker - Mother of Five Children
ULMER, Ellen J.Dec 11, 1894July 17, 1987Lo, I Am With You Always, Even Until the End of the World
WATSON, Clinton K.
Apr 18, 1883June 19, 1951[Once owned a store, gin and grist mill, and blacksmith shop in Centerville.]
WATSON, Hubert H. Sr.Jan 24, 1909Mar 20, 1996-
WATSON, William BunyanApr 27, 1868Oct 18, 1948-
WHITE, Ella M.Apr 11, 1852Feb 6, 1931-
WHITE, Luna18741889-
WHITE, Roswell R.18801944-
WHITE, Thomas NelsonApril 9, 1844Oct 20, 1925Co K
39 Regt
GA Inf
[Justice of the Peace for Hattie sometime between 1903 and 1915.]
WILEY, Mary T.19011977-
WILLIAMS, Allie S.July 21, 1893July 4, 1967-
WILLIAMS, Roosevelt V.Jan 18, 1923Mar 27, 1993-
WRIGHT, Grover C.19141958-
WRIGHT, Mary ElmaAug 15, 1902June 24, 1952-
YATES, Elmer EugeneSept 12, 1934Oct 24, 1948Entered Into Rest.
We Loved Him.
YATES, Lois JohnsonOct 11, 1924Jan 30, 2002MOTHER
YON, Fannie18531923-
YON, J. Dallas18841942-
YON, Joseph18531925-
YON, Mattie Lou18771944-

**There are also 42 more unmarked concrete slabs.

**I have been told down through the years that my G-G-Grandfather, Columbus Self B-1842 - Dec 12, 1891 and G-G-Grandmother, Fannie-Mae Watson Self are buried in the Centerville Cemetery. They are most likely in unmarked graves without any type of identification. Columbus was the youngest brother of Spencer Self. Columbus also fought as did all his other 6 brothers in the "War between the States". I also believe that Columbus and Spencer's father and mother are buried in the Centerville cemetery. They were Chappell B. Self and Elizabeth Self. Chappell brought his family and sister (whom later married a Busby) to Houston County in 1833 and purchased land lot 115 in the fifth district. This land is located in the vicinity of where Quail Run Elementary school is today. - Eddie Self

**Lewis Moody b. 1912 b. 21 Nov 1936 and his infant son b. & d. December 1935 are buried in a Brown lot. - Terre Moody Walker

**There is an infant grave marked by a stone angel in front of the grave of Robert F. PETERS (see photo below).

**There is an infant grave with a handwritten inscription that was so difficult to read. Since I am not even a little sure about the surname, I am placing what I think the entry reads here: Ruth, Infant Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. G. SAMUEL, Born Sept 28, 1910, Died May 28, 1912.

**There are 1 adult, 2 possible young adult, and 2 infant unmarked concrete slabs that appear to belong to the RAPE family.

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