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Beulah Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
Houston County, Georgia

This is a church cemetery that is still in use. This survey was conducted
and all photos © by Stephanie Lincecum.

[Row 1]
Willie J. ALLENFeb 14, 1946Sept 6, 1973Georgia SP4 US Army Vietnam
Richard "Pop" ALLEN Sr.Sept 22, 1911Sept 28, 1988-
? ?19071970-

There are possibly 7 graves in line at this point in row 1. (1)sunken stone by a tree; (2)broken planter placed in line and slightly raised at "head"; (3-5)cinder blocks spaced and in line with other headstones; (6)unreadable, rusted funeral marker; and (7)possible broken foot stone.

Johnnie THARPEOct 25, 1877Oct 5, 1947-
Minnie Lee THARPEJan 1, 1898July 23, 1971-
Arlushes CLARK1-1-19451-9-2002At Rest

[Row 2]
unknown--unmarked, cracked concrete slab
James T. KILLINSDec 25, 1909Apr 3, 1968At Rest
Maurice WOODARD12-12-195810-2- 1982At Rest
Alfrednano Demico DALTONOctober 30, 1974July 4, 2000-
Della M. KNIGHT4-02-19144-24- 1992At Rest
Mrs. Addie H. PLESS1-8-19125-5- 1990Rest In Peace
Maude Mae JAMES07-17-190808-17- 1983At Rest
Julia Mae JAMES4-10-19165-5- 1984At Rest
unknown--unmarked concrete slab
Joe TALTON18951961-
unknown--unmarked concrete slab
Mrs. Julia TALTONMarch 5, 1875Jan 25, 1960At Rest
unknown--unmarked gray slab
unknown--unmarked gray slab
Rosevelt JOHNSON7-15-190910-12-1978At Rest
9-22-19124-6-1985At Rest

[Row 3]
Willie Bell FELDER10-29-19357-24-1988At Rest
Pvt. J. C. THARPE9-23-19518-13-1973At Rest
Lola W. THARPE6-10-192210-17-1998At Rest
Willie THARPE19144-26-1984At Rest
Othel MURRAY04-10-192903-09-1993At Rest
Cora Lee JAMES1-12-192310-10-1941At Rest
Clarence JAMES4-12-19066-3-1973-
C. J. JAMESOct 27, 1909Feb 21, 1980Pvt US Army
World War II
Thelma J. DANIEL10-2-19306-16-1997At Rest
William DANIEL9-2-192112-9-1981At Rest
Bennie JACKSON7-29-19388-2-1969At Rest
Margaret CUMMINGS6-22-18802-16-1981At Rest
possible infant girl--small pink funeral marker; no inscription

[Row 4]
Debra R. HARRIS7-21-19668-18-2002At Rest
Willie W. HAMMOCK7-31-19351-16-2002At Rest
Precious HOUSER4-1-19438-13-1996At Rest
Charlie Frank HARRIS11-28-194002-22-1994At Rest
Earnest HARRIS3-9-19532-27-1991At Rest
Collie HARRIS1-30-19363-7-1988At Rest
Laura HASLEM2-15-18961-12-1981At Rest
Frank HARRIS8-4-19056-17-1975At Rest
Joshua HARRIS5-26-19304-24-1982At Rest
William IVORY Jr.3-10-196311-26-1984At Rest
Felton FARROW1-1-19108-15-1966At Rest
Willie Mae WATSONJan 11, 1937Oct 10, 1976-
Ada RELEFORD8-1-18852-20-1958At Rest
Bertha L. STANLEY1-3-19157-19-1964-
James R. TAYLOR12-19-196512-19-1965At Rest

[Row 5]
Willie DURHAM12-08-194206-04-1994At Rest

[Row 6]
Lucinda CHILDS7-4-191411-16-1989At Rest
Henry CHILDS9-3-18937-30-1980At Rest
Magnolia HICKS11-9-18918-26-1969At Rest
unknown--unmarked sunken grave
Homer GOODWIN3-17-19044-6-1975At Rest
Willie James GOODEN6-30-191812-31-1986At Rest
World War II
Joseph HAMPTONApr 15, 1886Sept 16, 1953At Rest

The next row begins with 7 unknown graves. The first 5 are small dirt mounds, some with flowers at the "head." The other 2 are concrete slabs. The second of the 2 has (at time of survey) a floral "MOM" at the head.

[Row 7]
Carlton BAILEY Jr.2-23-19336-4-1975At Rest
Earnestine GOODEN6-17-192612-7-1977At Rest

Row 8 begins with a possible grave. There is a tree that has a white ring painted around the lower portion. Next are 2 unknown, infant sized, concrete slabs. Lastly, there is another tree with flowers at the base.

[Row 9]
Robert BROOKS10-1-19306-4-2001At Rest
June 18, 1896October 5, 1972Georgia
US Army
World War I
S. T. STRIPLING4-3-19622-19-2002At Rest
unknown--unmarked concrete slab
unknown--unmarked concrete slab

[Row 10]
[Photo 1]
[Photo 2]
April 12, 1966March 16, 2000-
Theodore R. WOOLFORKOct 21, 1933May 21, 1997-
Frances SLOCUMB07-09-194111-17-1993At Rest
Keshawn T. CODY-Oct 15, 1998At Rest
David WOOLFORK10-10-19448-9-2001At Rest
Mrs. Ethel CHILDS4-17-18981-9-1978At Rest
Broudos CHILDS Sr.2-2-18998-4-1975At Rest
Broadous CHILDS, Jr.Jan 13, 1920Sept 18, 1946Georgia
PVT 25 INF World War II
Alfred CHILDS12-3-19024-22-1991At Rest
Van D. HOLSEY6-16-19574-28-2001At Rest

[Row 11]
Mrs. Mary L. B. JORDAN6-1-19322-8-1987At Rest
Thudie THARPEMar 16, 19167-27-1983TEC5
US Army
World War II
Gladys WOOLFORK5-4-19093-18-1977At Rest
Terrell SLOCUMB12-20-19834-12-1985-
Willie PERKINS III5-6-19695-18-1990At Rest
Ida CATO10-03-195101-20-1994At Rest
Ida RUTHERFORD [?]-1997-
Geo B. WILLIAMS-1917-
Baby WILLIAMS-1918-
Mary WILLIAMS-Jan 23, 1931-
Willie N. EDWARDS-1921
Embey C. JOHNSON4-19-[19]392-17-[20]02In Loving Memory
Jessie Lee JOHNSON4-26-19098-12-1993At Rest
James H. JOHNSON11-25-193201-30-1993At Rest
Daisy Fountain COOPERJan 5, 1905July 22, 1991Rest In Peace
James FOUNTAIN4-20-19105-7-1975At Rest
Mary Bell FOUNTAIN5-15-19194-16-1988At Rest
Bennie Frank FOUNTAIN11-15-19159-14-1990At Rest
Curlie Fountain SMITHJan 12, 1912Sept 4, 1993Beloved Wife
Daisy FOUNTAIN11-14-194403-17-1992At Rest

[Row 12]
Lewis BAGLEY, 35-15-19277-27-1963At Rest
Lewis BAGLEY Jr.6-20-19061-6-1957At Rest
Ammie P. THORPE12-6-18857-5-1968At Rest
unknown--mound of dirt with pink funeral marker at head
Inez CHATFIELD11-24-19306-11-1972At Rest
possible unknown--mound of dirt with small tree at head
A. W. WILSONS [?]Jan 17, 18??Aug 25, 1921-
Anderson WILSON18851961-
Viola D. WILSON18941962At Rest
Samuel D. WILSONMarch 4, 1892Dec 31, 1963Georgia
World War I
Fannie HARRIS10-4-191112-31-1970At Rest
Henry HARRIS2-21-194910-25-1970At Rest
unknown--dirt mound with flowers at head and small tree at foot
unknown--dirt mound with flowers at head and small tree at foot
unknown--dirt mound with flowers at head and small tree at foot
unknown--dirt mound with small tree at head and cross and floral decorations at foot

[Row 13]
De'Shawn S. JORDAN2-3-19958-25-2001At Rest
Rigley R. JORDAN12-27-19888-25-2001At Rest
Charles WOMACKMay 11, 1930Sept 20, 1963At Rest
Joseph WOMACKOct 10, 1936Mar 4, 1960At Rest
Lula B. HARRISSept 25, 1874April 7, 1959-
Emory CHILDS, 212-8-192810-13-1981At Rest
Eli TALTON6-2-19057-30-1968At Rest
S. S. Annie TALTONAug 15, 1905Aug 14, 1965At Rest
SCOTT Baby Boy-5-11-1968-
Virginia C. POWELL8-8-192410-31-2000At Rest
Pad WEST1904Mar 22, 1967At Rest
Florine WESTJuly 1897Apr 6, 1967At Rest

[Row 14]
Randolph S. JORDAN1-19-19694-5-1994At Rest
Susie L. SMITH1-2-190112-23-1993At Rest
Ellis [C.] RUSSELLNov 13, 1897Nov 14, 1990-
unknown--unmarked concrete slab
Vanessa JORDAN4-16-19635-8-1989At Rest
Henry D. JORDAN5-14-193612-12-2000At Rest
Leatha WOMACK6-27-19077-29-1987At Rest
David J. FOUNTAINFeb 24, 1963Mar 4, 1982-
Jennie M. THOMAS5-19-191211-18-1977At Rest
Othel MURRAYApr 10, 1929Mar 9, 1993-

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